Easter Morning

Maxine woke up crying a bit on Sunday morning at about 7am. I’d hid eggs at about 11:30 on Saturday night and purposefully put eggs in plain site of our bedroom window so that they could look out the window and see some of the (40) eggs to be found! As soon as I said “Go look out the window and see if the Easter Bunny has been here”, Ava woke up and Maxine stopped crying! Amazing how that works.

The Easter Bunny Laid Eggs in Our Yard!

So we ran downstairs and got dressed to head outside first thing. They didn’t even think about their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Not that I would have expected Maxine to, but I thought Ava might.

Out We Go!

Note Maxine’s Egg Hunting Dress. She refused to put on anything but that dress over her jammies when we were first heading outside. Fine, whatever kid. I’m not arguing!

After 5 minutes or so Maxine was asking to go back inside even though there were plenty of eggs left to be found. She instantly agreed to a hat and mittens at this point!

Cold Hands

Working Together

Ava did a great job of making sure Maxine got eggs too, we didn’t even have to say anything. She would point eggs out to Maxine and didn’t snatch up every egg she spied.

Ava did find the most eggs but Maxine didn’t notice or care.

Her Easter Loot

Back Inside

Back in the house we go! They didn’t even find all the eggs, but it was fun to go out later and watch them (well, Ava) realize they had missed some and there were still a few more to find.

Ava stumbled upon their Easter Baskets (peeking out between the slats of a dining room chair) by chance.

Here it comes!
Easter Baskets: Found!

Birds Eye View

The Easter Bunny brought them both some candy, (not counting all the candy stuffed into eggs) new toothbrushes, (huge hit), barretts. Maxine got some clip on earrings and a book, Ava got sunglasses and Brain Quest cards.

A fun morning for us all.


Decoupage Eggs

I spent the morning blowing out eggs… (lovely, no?) my tools were a thumb tack (to puncture holes on each end of the egg), a needle (to break up the yolk and other egg blech) and a dental syringe (to do the blowing for me). I began with 12 eggs and ended with 10, one egg “popped” under pressure and another cracked and broke. Once I realized how fragile the eggs were going to be I decided they needed something with a little more OOMF for decorating and after poking around the web decided we’d decoupage our eggs this year with watered down Elmer’s glue and tissue paper squares.

Decoupage Eggs

Maxine DID NOT like how sticky her hands got, she opted out of this project and stopped touching the eggs after about the first minute or so. She watched though and came back later to paint eggs with glue while I held it and did the dirty work.


Ava was totally into it and had no problem getting her hands dirty.

Hard at Work

Once she was done Ava took some pictures of her own, and made me laugh when she said she wanted to take a picture of “the whole set up”.

"The Whole Setup"


Inspired by Kath’s Fiesta Broccoli Dip

2 c steamed, cooled broccoli
1/2 of an avocado
1 Tbsp (+/-) lemon juice
1/4 c cilantro (fresh or dried)
salt to taste
1 c corn, cooked, cooled
1 medium tomato, diced
1 medium onion, diced

Put broccoli, avocado, lemon juice, cilanto and salt into food processor. Blend until forms a creamy paste. Transfer mixture from food processor into another bowl, stir in corn, onion and tomato.

Broccoli Avocado Spread

Broccoli Avocado Spread

Great served with crackers, bread, tortilla chips or pita chips.