Decoupage Eggs

I spent the morning blowing out eggs… (lovely, no?) my tools were a thumb tack (to puncture holes on each end of the egg), a needle (to break up the yolk and other egg blech) and a dental syringe (to do the blowing for me). I began with 12 eggs and ended with 10, one egg “popped” under pressure and another cracked and broke. Once I realized how fragile the eggs were going to be I decided they needed something with a little more OOMF for decorating and after poking around the web decided we’d decoupage our eggs this year with watered down Elmer’s glue and tissue paper squares.

Decoupage Eggs

Maxine DID NOT like how sticky her hands got, she opted out of this project and stopped touching the eggs after about the first minute or so. She watched though and came back later to paint eggs with glue while I held it and did the dirty work.


Ava was totally into it and had no problem getting her hands dirty.

Hard at Work

Once she was done Ava took some pictures of her own, and made me laugh when she said she wanted to take a picture of “the whole set up”.

"The Whole Setup"


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