Fruit Flies Don’t Bother Me

Uggghhhh…. a banana that’s gone a little past ripe, a sneaky apple with broken skin, a compost bucket that needs to be emptied (who me??) and the fruit flies magically appear out of no where.

When I did this for the first time this season I had the thought to post about it because this is safe, green, cheap, easy (insert obvious joke here) and works like a charm!

To catch fruit flies, all you need is a little dish, some apple cider vinegar and dish soap.


Pour apple cider into dish and stir in a squirt or two of dish soap. Set dish in an out of the way place somewhat near the fruit flies.


Walk away whistling and pretend that you aren’t watching. In a few hours, or maybe even the next day, you’ll hit the motherload!


This is crazy because I swear I only saw a few fruit flies, I had no idea there were so many lurking!

I ended up swapping out my run for lawn mowing. Zak was going to do it but I figured I could mow and get in some exercise, so I “let” him stay in and play with the girls to make up for being gone yesterday. I had a pre-mow snack of some 2% cottage cheese, a chopped organic apple topped with granola.


Dinner looked an awful lot like last night’s dinner due to lack of hunger from my afternoon snack. But this time it was a chocolate green monster, to use up the last of my chocolate tofu pudding. I swapped my almond butter chocolate chip waffles for an almond butter chocolate chip graham cracker! 😉


Now go catch some fruit flies!


In the Garden

I’d planned to get up and run first thing this morning, but apparently Maxine had planned to wake up early. Her plans trumped mine.

She and I enjoyed a breakfast of Heart to Heart, mine with a couple spoonfuls of 2% Fage to lay the foundation, topped with granola, flax, bananas and strawberries.


Maxine took hers straight up, not even milk. That’s hardcore.

Work out plans aborted, we headed outside to work in the garden and flower beds. I ripped up the entire length of black trim that surrounded the flower beds. We spent the late morning moving huge rocks around and I’d say it’s safe to check Resistance Training off the list for today.


Can you tell I just recently put those rocks in the flower bed? She is constantly walking across them.

azaleas purple_flowers

Mid jump!


Planting seeds today…. lettuce, beans, radishes. Getting tomato plants and a few others later this week.


The girls and I came in for lunch while Zak stayed outside and continued to work.

Salad in a wrap today and left over bean soup! My wrap contained avocado, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, strips of extra firm tofu and a couple splashes of Good Seasons Italian.


Off to clean up, still hoping to get a run in today.

Saturday, Continued

Poor Zaky ended up having to go in to work this afternoon, so the girls and I were on our own. I’ve been wanting to take them to see Earth, and we’ve been trying to find a time to go together as a family. It hasn’t happened so I decided today was the day and found it playing in just one small movie theater in the city at 4:45.

Breakfast got pushed back due to my long bike ride, so lunch was pushed back too.

With cumin hummus in the fridge, the wheels in my head started turning as I realized it’s been a while since I’ve been LovIn My Crack Wrap.

Pan lightly sprayed with EVOO from my misto, a flat out wrap smeared with homemade hummus, topped with mild cheddar cheese and spinach.


All wrapped up! Isn’t it cute??


Steamin’ some veggies.


My crack wrap with a side of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms topped with a bit a Parmesan cheese.


Totally satisfied, we left a bit early for the movie because I had a feeling The Nap Evader wouldn’t be able to resist the lull of the expressway and sun-warmed car.

Clearly, I’m in the wrong business and should be pursuing my career as a psychic.


With 20 minutes to spare, we let Maxine have sweet dreams in the back, while I had nightmares up front.


Still 11 years to go! Phew.

Earth was FABULOUS! Kids or no kids, I highly recommend it. We’re about a month late seeing it, but it was great. Not only that, but the sweet old rinky dink theater only charged $3 a piece for the matinee. AND we got to sit in their Private Screening Room; a small room upstairs for parents with young children. Translation? We got to watch the movie while sitting on a comfy couch, they were able to be as loud as they wanted, take their socks and shoes off, go through my purse, ask a million questions, draw pictures on my grocery list, all for only $9. I call that a perfect afternoon.

After the movie we made a quick pass through the grocery store. Just as we were getting out of the car I heard that familiar ding ding dingdingding ding ding ding and tried to stick my fingers in their ears and sing “La La La La!” but it was too late.


Maxine picked a 3.50 Partially Hydrogenated Nutty Buddy and Ava picked a 1.00 Red Dye #5 Cherry Banana Split Popsicle.


I really struggle with this because of course I only want them to only eat THE BEST! But I want to let them to be kids too. We have plenty of conversations about eating sweets in moderation. It’s a fine line to walk trying to keep them healthy and teach them to make the right choices, but not depriving them either, fearing that they’ll one day rebel, sneak “bad” foods or go crazy and binge when they finally DO get to eat them…

Oh yeah, someone please remind me to add M&M’s to the grocery list for Maxine because we’re out. 😉

Ice cream in the freezer, they had Annie’s Mac and Cheese and sliced apples for dinner.


I was still going strong from lunch and not very the hungry after my Pile’O Veggies, so I had a Green Monster and dessert for dinner.

My green monster was comprised of hemp milk, extra firm tofu, mango, a mound of spinach and LF vanilla yogurt.  Served on the side, two Kashi Honey Oat Waffles smeared with almond butter and topped with chocolate chips.


We go crazy here on Saturday nights I tell ya.

And finally, it was time to bust into the freezer and unwrap the sugary goodness.


They decided to venture off the porch…


And I SWEAR to you I saw this coming. Just call me Psychic Ali.


Oh dear. Whoever believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.


She was totally sad and I felt awful. We scooped it up and took it inside. I sawed off the hunk with dirt in it and we patched it back onto the cone. Fortunately she soon lost interest.  3.50 or not, I magically mystically made the whole thing disappear!


And now it’s after midnight and Mr. Man is still not home. 😦  Off to bed.

Another Saturday

Up an’ at ’em bright and early. I jumped on my bike and rode 17.6 miles in 1 hour and 12 minutes. I did NOT intend to be gone for so long but it was such a beautiful morning I couldn’t help myself.

Suzie No More Naps slept in pretty late this morning, so Zak took Ava to dance while I stayed home to wait for Sleeping Beauty to awake from her slumber.

Today was one of those days that I looked at this kid and wondered WHEN she started to look so grown up!



Dance recital in just two weeks!

After they were on their way I tried to figure out what I wanted for breakfast. I settled on a bowl of Heart to Heart with some homemade granola, sliced bananas and scoop of almond butter and a bit of hemp milk. The base? I would usually use greek yogurt, but instead used the Chocolate Banana PB Pudding from the other night! I never put it back into the freezer after I moved it to the fridge Thursday morning. It’s soupier than pudding but not right for “ice cream”, it made the perfect cereal base! Plus I want to finish it up and be done with it. No one is eating it but me!


It’s buried, so you can’t see it, but believe me, it’s in there! 😉 Loved it!

How to do Friday

1. Once the girls are on their way with Aunt Ellen, go for a 4.18 mile run in 32:13, so your pace average pace is 7:42

2. Come home and do some body weight exercises

3. Chain self to desk for remainder of afternoon

4. Go ahead and break for lunch around 1:00

5. Make a gigantic salad with red leaf, spinach, carrots, cukes, red pepper and tofu chunks.


6. When it starts getting close to dinner time, unchain self from desk and get started with dinner.

7. Make Black Bean and Salsa Soup


4 cups cooked black beans (or 2 15 oz cans, rinsed and drained), divided
2 cups of vegetable broth
1 16 oz jar of salsa
8 oz of canned or frozen corn
1 Tbsp of ground cumin (more or less to taste)
1 Tbsp cilantro (more or less to taste)


8. In a food processor or blender, add 1/2 of the beans, 1/2 of the salsa and vegetable broth. Puree until smooth


9. Combined pureed beans, whole beans, the rest of the salsa and corn with spices into a pot and cook on medium high heat


10. Totally easy and totally awesome. Pat self on back.

11. And while you’ve got the food processor out, you might as well make some hummus too.

12. Oh yeah, the cumin is still out too, so go ahead and make Cumin Hummus. That’s a good idea

13. Into the food processor bowl, put:

1 can of Eden Organic garbonzo beans, partly drained
Heaping Tbsp tahini
2 cloves of garlic
2 – 3 Tbsp canola oil
2 – 3 Tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp ground cumin
dash of salt

14. Go back and stir the soup

15. Stop the food processor and sample with Kashi Honey Sesame crackers.


16. Pat self on back again

17. Stop eating hummus and stir soup again

18. Put hummus away before you eat it all and leave none for The Man

19. Once soup is heated through, eat just a small cup of it because you ate a bunch of hummus already


And that’s Friday.

Reset the Counter

0 days without an accident.


I don’t know what it is about car rides but as soon as we get home she lets it fly. WHEEEE we’re home weeeeeee….

Yesterday I came downstairs to find her stripped down and squatting completely naked over a dish from their little kitchen directly in front of the bathroom door and peeing into it.

Trying to accentuate the positive as I wiped up the mess and my blood pressure returned to normal, I commented “well, thank you for not peeing in your pants” and she replies “Now can I have M&M’s?”

So it’s Friday and that means the girls are going with Aunt Ellen on a pint sized adventure while I work on the millions of different things I’ve signed myself up for to keep myself feeling challenged as a stay at home mom. Web mastering, emailing and meeting planning followed by some running, cleaning and car seat cover washing.

Had to start the day off right with my version of a breakfast cookie… a heaping 1/2 c oats, 1/2 smashed banana, heaping tbsp of almond butter and a generous scoop of flax and a few glugs of hemp milk, soaked over night and topped this morning with strawberries and sliced banana.


This is exactly what I had yesterday in the exact same spot. I know a good thing when I eat it. At least I got to enjoy my breakfast in peace while Thing 1 and Thing 2 slept late. Here’s hoping the counter makes its way back up to 1 today.

Vegetable Frittatas

As an oat lover, I usually end up making eggs for meals other than breakfast. Today I made Veggie Frittatas for dinner.

1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5 or 6 eggs
1/4 c of milk (optional)
1/4 c of cheese (optional)
Vegetables of your choosing
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large pan, saute vegetables on medium heat in EVOO until soft. I used what I had on hand; onions, garlic, mushrooms, red pepper and spinach.

Because the spinach cooks fast, I got the other veggies started and held off on the spinach until everything else had softened up.


While the vegetables are cooking, get those eggs crackin’.


I only had 5 eggs so I added a splash of milk (about a 1/4 c?) to the eggs for a little more body. Add S&P if you like and scramble together. Once my peppers, mushrooms and onions were beginning to soften up, I added the spinach.

I put the cover on the pan to let the spinach get wilty. The spinach reduces quite a bit so a handful of fresh spinach is not as much as it seems.

add_spinach wilty_spinach

When the spinach is ready, make sure vegetables are spread evenly across the pan. Lower the heat just a tad and slowly pour in your scrambled egg mixture.

If necessary, pick up the pan and gently swirl the egg mixture around so that it’s evenly spread through the vegetables. Top with a bit of shredded cheese if you like.


Cover and cook on low heat for about 10 – 12 minutes, checking periodically. You’ll know it’s done when the top of the frittata is firm and set.


There are of course many different variations to this. You could add meat, a wide variety of vegetables, cheese or no cheese, egg whites in place of whole eggs, the combinations are virtually endless. Mine turned out a little thin, so that probably made for a shorter cooking time. I would have used at least a half dozen eggs if I’d have had that many.

I use a rubber spatula to cut the frittata into pie shaped pieces and serve.


I ate my slice with a giant salad on the side! Ava and Max ate cheese quesadillas with 2% Fage for dipping. Plain greek yogurt is an amazing, much healthier alternative to sour cream. I swapped it out months ago and they had no idea, not even Ms. Max Picky herself.

After dinner the little gals wanted to go out and play in the rain… your wish is my command. Out we went.


Well aren’t we dainty?


Totally defeating the purpose of an umbrella but whatever.


Eventually the umbrellas were totally abandoned and we called it a night.


Actually we called it: Bath Night