Outside Adventures

After staying indoors most of the morning, I tossed them outside around 11.

The… sun… so… bright…


Maxine brought all the necessary the essentials out with her.


A brush, Kashi crackers and “Blacka Whita” (her name for the black and white kitty)

Then we decided to plant the new flowers I bought on Monday and raced them to the shed to get the shovel. I won!


(Note the strange contraption in the middle of our yard. That would be the squirrel jungle gym Zak is building. You can bet they’ll be more to come on that!)


Ava wanted to dig the hole, I told her she could but to be sure not to hit the gas line that was surely buried six inches down in the flower bed.


Maxine watered the flocks. It was about this time I was thinking we should be breaking that little purple brush out of the basket and running it through her hair….


More watering. I told Ava to water the dandelions too because I didn’t want them to die! If you are looking to put together a dandelion bouquet, we charge .05 a piece. Come on over! Take as many as you like.


They continued to run around and play while I dug weeds out of the flower bed…. every year in the summer I look at that flower bed in front of the house and am cursing the weeds that come up to my knees. Last year I swore I would get them BEFORE they were as high as the house. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes with the kids (Maxine in particular) and how they can play outside while I do a little yard work. They came over once they were bored and we checked out some earth worms that came up with the roots of the weeds. Soon a giant bumblebee made an appearance and they magically disappeared into the house! I caught the bumblebee in a jar and plan to tame him, to break him out when I’m trying to get us out the door and into the car. Might come in handy at bedtime too.


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  1. Run with that “tame the bumblebee” proposal. It’s a brilliant idea!

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