Weekend Randomness

A mostly quiet weekend at home for us, but I whipped the camera out from time to time.

Friday evening we took a family bike ride (well, the three girls rode bikes while The Man walked) around the block once Zak got home from work. Maxine rode ALL the way around the block on her “pedal bike”, as she calls it. She’s been riding in the driveway but it has suddenly clicked how to pedal and she’s really gotten this little 3 wheeler under control!


Giving me the stink eye…


During a trip to Wegmans on Saturday, Ava with her new found love of the American flag was amazed and amused by this:



Even Maxine points out American flags now. (Well, any flag is an “American Flag!!”… we’re working on it.)

We actually saw the likely owner of this vehicle walking out as we were walking in, wearing a hat with 3 or 4 American flags perched and flying free on top, and various other red, white and blue paraphernalia.

Ahhh America. Land of the free.

Sunday we spent some time in the hen house chick chalet at Hanna’s house.


Maxine got a little chicken lap time:



Maxine was actually not AT ALL chicken when it came to these little guys. My otherwise shy, reserved little girly was right in there feeding chickens and taking names later!




Those chicks were eating right out of my hand! 😉


3 Responses

  1. Uuhhh….I know about the owner of that car and the hat. He’s my co-worker’s (future) brother-in-law and an attention seeking kook. I’ll elaborate next time we chat :-\

  2. No freaking way! hahaha!

  3. That Jeep joker decks out that heap with all manner of holiday junk…name an occasion, he’s got ‘er stacked with Wal-Mart’s entire stock it seems. Maybe he gets the stuff from the dumpster. The hats are something else too…he’s all over Batavia, even showed up at a couple of parties I was at. The redeeming quality here is making the kids laugh…

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