Lilac Festival 2009

Alternate Title: Picture Day 2009

Today was our annual voyage to the Lilac Festival with Sharon and her crew. (Except this year Lauren was no longer in utero!) Sharon’s Mother In Law, Wendy, joined us too.

So as usual, we kicked things off at the kiddie rides.

Ava and Haylee rode the Ferris Wheel.


Maxine was VERY excited to see it (wow, really kid??), but as soon as the time came to get on, she politely said “No thank you.” (Yeah, that’s more like it…)

Here she is waiting patiently for their ride to be over so we could move on to the next ride that she would politely decline as well.


Maxine and I watched while everyone else rode! (Notice Sharon, Haylee and Ava on the twirlamabob.)


Ava mid bounce in the bounce house!


You know, I wish someone would show Ava how to loosen up and have a little fun!


Maxine watching. Again. Ava jumping. Still.


Then it was on to the food portion of our visit, stopping for some samples and a rest on a giant banana.


Picnic lunch!

(We were joined at lunch by Sharon’s Sister In Law.)

Maxine enjoyed her PB&J


Next up: “Lilac Forest”, as Ava put it.

Pushing the medium sized ones and all of our STUFF.


At any given moment, this is basically what Ava looks like: A blur with flying hair.




But when she holds still, she takes it very seriously.


My heart and soul.


Three girls in a tree.




Sweet little Lauren… she’ll be running with the big girls next year for sure.


Running down into the great valley!


Hi mom! 😉


When they emerged from the valley, I took a self portrait of me and Maxine.


Then I tried to take one of me and Ava.


I looked at the pic on the back of the camera.

“Ava, I’m going to take another one. Smile!”



“AVA! SMILE!” (totally laughing which I know is just going to keep the funny faces coming)




Me, laughing: “Do you want to ice cream?”


Still laughing: “Then SMILE!”

“OK, ok, I will.”


It was at this point that I gave up.

More pictures.

Our sweet little girls!

Getting a BIG WHIFF!


A semi-candid group shot!


All of us. (Minus MIL, our photographer.)

(Do you think Haylee was getting a bit tired of all the picture taking?)

Ice cream time! Even without a self portrait smile from Ava. 😉


Ava wanted to get her “arm painted”, so we did. Except I didn’t snap a pic until Maxine got on the stool.


Matching tattoos! They LOVE. THEM. The woman dabbled a bit of glitter on each tattoo and Maxine keeps saying “Look at my sprinkles!”


One last visit to the kiddie rides on our way out of dodge, to use up our last two tickets. Naturally, two tickets left means one for Ava and one for Haylee. None for Little Miss I Don’t Want to Ride Any Rides.


But of course this is point where Maxine is crying and saying she wants to go down the big slide, so we went and bought one more ticket… and she proudly marched up the steps, only to change her mind at the very top. Too late now kid! We’re going!


We had a totally fun filled day, and I think this about sums it up!


Totally psyched for the Lilac 5K that Sharon and I will be running on Sunday morning! Stay tuned! 😀

4 Responses

  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. What a beautiful day, too. I love all the pics of the girls. 🙂

  2. May fave series are the “Ava…every face but smiling” pics. The variety is great.

  3. I love the Lilac Festival, and I always love the pictures you take there! Everyone is getting so big. I miss you SO much! 🙂

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