Rest Day

No work out this morning because I decided to stay home and clean up this house.  But instead I found myself playing around with Twitter and reading blogs.  Maybe I’ll do yoga this afternoon.

We would normally be rushing around like maniacs on a Wednesday morning trying to get out the door on time to Ava’s homeschool “class” at the Lilac Children’s Garden but now we’re done until the fall.  I guess we’ll just have to homeschool at home or something until then.

Monday was a low key day at home.  A 4.76 mile morning run and then did nothing but play and clean and cook.  After doing “nothing”  for the first half of the day we ventured out for a bike ride around the block.

Yes, I let my two and a half year old ride in the middle of the street.

OK, I really don’t, I made her get over as soon as I took that pic.  See?

Ava with her long 5 year old legs got ahead of us and we caught up with her investigating the drainage system of our subdivision. 


Love those puddle jumping boots.  Her sneakers were MIA so we made due.

This is about where things got a little dicey.  Off the bike.  Not a good sign.

I smell a nap.

And nap she did!

Yesterday after a quick 27 minute, 6.5 mile bike ride and breathing hard with Jillian and Level 3 for another 27 minutes I hauled us to the library and we scored some new fun reads.


I wanted to see what all the fuss is about with Skinny Bitch, and because I’m a Cheap Bitch I got it at the library, and will end up only paying .50 in late fines for it instead $10 brand new.

I got Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for Maxine since she now enjoys singing the entire alphabet and it was one of Ava’s favorites.  When we got home though the only person that wanted me to read it to them was Ava. Maxine was not at all interested.  Oh well, doesn’t hurt to brush Ava up on these sorts of things I suppose.

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!  Will there be enough room?

Today we’re heading to the playground for a picnic and playing with Sharon, Haylee and Lauren. I should be cleaning until they get here but instead I’m procrastinating! 😉


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