So we made it to the playground today but didn’t stay long because Ava was practically paralyzed by her fear of bees… she was stung when she was 3 and now she freaks when she sees one. It’s gonna be a loooong summer.

Bees don’t BUG Maxine too much though! 😉

Swing Baby!

We had lunch at home and then they played while I worked on my computer and puttered around the house.

File this under “I Know a Good Idea When I Steal One”:

Almond Butter Stuffed Date!


These make awesome little desserts or as part of a snack!

For dinner I made gigantic salads. Green leaf lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, red pepper, cold tofu cut into chunks, feta cheese. My favorite way to do tossed salad is throw all the ingredients in a big bowl, top with dressing and TOSS IT! I use less dressing and everything gets coated! YUM ME!


Mine is tossed and ready to eat up front! Zak’s is in the back, sans dressing… cause he wasn’t home from work yet when I sat down to eat. 😉


A longish run planned for first thing in the morning… 7 or 8 depending on how I feel when I get to the fork in the road. The low should only get into the 60’s tonight. Shorts in the morning baby!


4 Responses

  1. How can a “tiny little you” consume what looks like 12# of veggies?! I must admit….it looks so very yummy (insert *nom nom nom nom* here)

  2. Tell Ava I understand her fears. (haha) I would have left right along with her. 🙂

    That salad does look yummy! Do the girls eat that for dinner, too? My boys love salad but only with tomatoes. What kind of dressing did you use?

    I make my salads the same way. Throw everything in a big bowl and then toss with my hands. 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m a newbie to your blog and wanted to say I love it. 🙂

    Your salad looks delicious…I’m a huge fan of oversized salads. Yummm….

  4. Jennifer, no, the girls definitely do not eat salad for dinner. Ava will eat carrot sticks, tofu and cut up sweet peppers, the only veggies I can get Maxine to eat are corn and peas! In due time I suppose.

    Do you toss the salad with your hands after you put on the dressing? I love have the dressing all over every part of the salad, it makes everything a little wilty!

    You are queen of salads mom, I got it all from you! 😉

    Hi Sarah, thanks! Glad you’re here!

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