Change in Plans

Last night I planned a nice long bike for first thing this morning. But someone decided they were going to get up with me at 5:30. I decided to make the most of it and invited that someone to come along with me in the bike trailer with an Ariel mug full of Heart to Heart and a travel cup of OJ. Still a little hesitant, I told her she could wear her 3 Sizes Too Small “flip flops” that she loves Oh So Much.


I had myself a deal!


While it wasn’t the long, quiet, peaceful morning ride I had envisioned… and was instead was quick, whiny, far from peaceful, not to mention TOUGH ride lugging around an additional 28 lbs, it was still better than nothing. We managed 5 miles in 24 minutes.

Once home I asked the Strawberry Shortcake DVD to babysit so I could hang with my pal Jillian for 27 minutes while she cracked the Level 3 whip.

What was for breakfast you ask? Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats!

Soaked over night, 1/2 c rolled oats, 1/4 c LF vanilla yogurt, 1/2 c chocolate almond milk and a heaping tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. Chocolaty goodness!

Topped this morning with sliced banana, a sprinkle of granola, ground flax and a few walnuts.

Oats soaked overnight


Fun toppingsnuts

Transplanted myself from the dining room…head_on …into the kitchen when the rest of the family came down for breakfast. dining_companion

I think that Robin is eyeing my flax seed!

On with the day!


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