Brown Monsters

Green veggie smoothies are sweeping the food blogs. I unintentionally adopted the green smoothie name coined by Angela at Oh She Glows and we call them Green Monsters in our house. The girls only had to hear me say that once and they were all over it. Calling something a monster AND they get fight over who pushes the buttons on the blender?? A match made in heaven. They ask for Purple and Pink Monsters, meaning they want me to leave out the spinach. So close!

Here I threw in frozen organic strawberries (Red), frozen organic blueberries (Blue), a chunk of firm tofu, a bunch of handfuls of spinach (Green) and some unsweetened vanilla hemp milk.


PoWeR BuRsT!  errr, I mean, turn the blender on.


Ava took one look at this and said, “Is that a Brown Monster?”

Why yes it is.  Thank you for noticing. Red + Blue + Green = Brown. Don’t say I never taught you anything.

With a little homemade granola sprinkled on top. Rock on. And yes that’s a jar I’m about to drink out of. An almond butter jar to be exact, why do you ask?

I would be lying if I said you can’t taste the spinach. And to be fair I put A LOT in… two more handfuls after the first handful condensed down as it was blended in. Can you taste it? Yes. Does it taste bad? No.  Do want me to make you a Brown Monster?  You know you do.

Speaking of Angela at OSG, enter a comment on her post for your chance to win a box of Align Daily Probiotic Supplements!


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