Shadow Time

A couple of pics from our holiday weekend up north with the fam! Some neat ones by the fire last night.


Fire, fire, burning bright!


See little Max back there behind the flames?? 😉 We made an incredible discovery on Saturday night!   If you smash a couple of mini Reece’s PB cups and use them in place of chocolate bar when making s’mores, it make an AMAZING Peanut Butter S’more! They were a big hit, and YES I had one! A year ago I would I probably would have felt very guilty for eating something like this, OR I would have eaten THREE, thinking I “blew it” and would go crazy, but thanks to Intuitive Eating, I Challenge the Food Police and nothing is "bad" or "off limits" now. It’s ok to have a treat now and then, even every day if I want it.


…ly silly!  Now that’s more like it.


It was a cold and rainy start to Sunday so we ended up cutting our weekend a little short and came home early.  And of course the clouds parted and the sun made it’s appearance as soon as we got on the road!

Once home I was ready to run having taken Saturday off, but was a bit hungry so busted out the blender and whipped up a couple of quick of GREEN MONSTERS for a pre-run snack.

very_green_monster very_green_monster2

In the mix (for two!) about a cup of frozen, thawed mango, 1/5 block of extra firm tofu, a couple handfuls of spinach (second handful added after the first handful condensed), a 1/2 c vanilla LF yogurt, a tbsp of agave nectar for a little added sweetness.

It was totally creamy and so much better than my last BROWN monster.  Mango is a better choice if you’ve got color issues with your food! hehehe…


His and Hers!

When I served Zak his he said “Whoa!  That tastes healthy.” He said he was a bit concerned for my sanity when I said I thought it was AWESOME!  Dude, I’m not kidding, I really thought it was great!  Especially with the agave and yogurt this time, totally creamy and sweet.  Maybe I’ve reprogrammed my taste buds?

I also made these bad boys:


About an hour and a half later I headed out on my run, not sure if I would do 4 or 5 miles, but I felt great at the spot where I would turn to do 5 instead of 4 miles and completed my 5.26 route in 40:32, making my average pace 7:40.  About par for 5 miles.

They were outside playing when I got back, so we played outside for a bit.

Zak traced Ava’s shadow, then he did mine.


He took a bit of artistic license with my shadow… NOT FUNNY! 😉

Here are our shadows, side by side. Aren’t we TALL?


Zak fed the girls dinner while I was out on my run, so I was on my own for a quickie dinner.  After Ava and I got back from a little bike ride I made myself two scrambled eggs with onion and spinach sautéed in olive oil and a salad as big as my head.

spinach_eggs tossed_salad

I love oatmeal so much for breakfast that I usually save eggs for lunch or dinner.

And for dessert, a shadow of my graham cracker almond butter sandwich!  (Minus two bites!) 😉



3 Responses

  1. Oh my heavens. I am now craving a Reese’s smore…

  2. Looks like fun tracing your shadows. Yours cracked me up. (haha)

    Not sure how I feel about the “Green Monsters”. Do the girls drink that even with it looking green? My kids would run for the hills. (haha)

  3. No, the girls do not drink green monsters…. although I’ll make mine first and then won’t rinse the blender when I make their “Purple Monsters”, so they still get a *little* spinach…. start small, right? 😉

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