In the Garden

I’d planned to get up and run first thing this morning, but apparently Maxine had planned to wake up early. Her plans trumped mine.

She and I enjoyed a breakfast of Heart to Heart, mine with a couple spoonfuls of 2% Fage to lay the foundation, topped with granola, flax, bananas and strawberries.


Maxine took hers straight up, not even milk. That’s hardcore.

Work out plans aborted, we headed outside to work in the garden and flower beds. I ripped up the entire length of black trim that surrounded the flower beds. We spent the late morning moving huge rocks around and I’d say it’s safe to check Resistance Training off the list for today.


Can you tell I just recently put those rocks in the flower bed? She is constantly walking across them.

azaleas purple_flowers

Mid jump!


Planting seeds today…. lettuce, beans, radishes. Getting tomato plants and a few others later this week.


The girls and I came in for lunch while Zak stayed outside and continued to work.

Salad in a wrap today and left over bean soup! My wrap contained avocado, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, strips of extra firm tofu and a couple splashes of Good Seasons Italian.


Off to clean up, still hoping to get a run in today.


6 Responses

  1. What a beautiful garden! I love the name of your wrap… crack wrap. Lol! Oh, it’s also a good thing your girls don’t live in my area. There is an ice cream truck that drives through everyday and it’s so loud that you’ll hear it in even the most remote areas.

  2. Georgeous garden! And I love your “salad in a wrap” idea. Looks delicious! 😀

    (p.s. Your breakfast looks amazing…so summery and tasty. It’s making me crave some cereal. 😀 )

  3. That wrap looks so good. And I love the garden, I wish I had the dedication for a garden. Thank goodness for farmer’s markets.

  4. I bet that soup is even better today than it was yesterday, something about *time* that kicks it up a bit.

  5. ps. love your tiny little gnome

  6. Thanks ladies! 😀

    And yes mom, the soup was better today! I even ate it cold! 🙂

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