Fruit Flies Don’t Bother Me

Uggghhhh…. a banana that’s gone a little past ripe, a sneaky apple with broken skin, a compost bucket that needs to be emptied (who me??) and the fruit flies magically appear out of no where.

When I did this for the first time this season I had the thought to post about it because this is safe, green, cheap, easy (insert obvious joke here) and works like a charm!

To catch fruit flies, all you need is a little dish, some apple cider vinegar and dish soap.


Pour apple cider into dish and stir in a squirt or two of dish soap. Set dish in an out of the way place somewhat near the fruit flies.


Walk away whistling and pretend that you aren’t watching. In a few hours, or maybe even the next day, you’ll hit the motherload!


This is crazy because I swear I only saw a few fruit flies, I had no idea there were so many lurking!

I ended up swapping out my run for lawn mowing. Zak was going to do it but I figured I could mow and get in some exercise, so I “let” him stay in and play with the girls to make up for being gone yesterday. I had a pre-mow snack of some 2% cottage cheese, a chopped organic apple topped with granola.


Dinner looked an awful lot like last night’s dinner due to lack of hunger from my afternoon snack. But this time it was a chocolate green monster, to use up the last of my chocolate tofu pudding. I swapped my almond butter chocolate chip waffles for an almond butter chocolate chip graham cracker! 😉


Now go catch some fruit flies!


10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip. I hate those things, I am always putting plants outside because I am afraid of getting fruit flies.

    I really want to try making the pudding, yum, I wish I had some to eat tonight.

    • Robin, the pudding was ok, I liked the taste but it could have been a little thicker to be called *pudding*. It was perfect for a smoothie. For pudding, I might try to thicken it up next time, maybe by using less silken tofu, using firm tofu or adding a little cornstarch? Like I said, the taste was good, but it needed a little help to be accurately be called pudding! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip. Insects & spiders may *live* outside, but inside the house, well that is another story.

  3. first off, your idea for fruit flies is awesome! i had so many attacking my fruit in my dorm last semester, i wish i had known about this! also, what recipe did you use for your tofu pudding? i make one with silken tofu as well, and once i refridgerate it, it gets superrr firm, almost like a ganache

  4. That is so cool!!! Not that you have fruit flies (haha) but how you get rid of them. I never knew that.

    Do you usually leave your fruit and veggies out or do you refrigerate some?

    • Leah, I used this recipe from Mothering. I’m interested to hear that you’ve made it and it turned out right, because that leads me to believe I probably used too much silken tofu. The recipe called for 8oz and I probably used a little more than that, because I wanted to finish up the container and not leave just a little bit left in the container. Is your recipe similar to the one I used?

      Jennifer, I leave apples, bananas, citrus and tomatoes on the counter. (Maybe a few others, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head). Just about everything else goes in the fridge.

  5. my recipe is actually embarassingly simple…i use mori-nu tofu and stick the whole chunk in the food processor, blend it until its smooth, and then add cocoa powder, sometimes chocolate protein powder, and some stevia if i feel it needs it…sometimes if im feeling extra indulgent i will add melted chocolate, then i stick it in the fridge and it hardens in about an hour

  6. Tonight I saw a fruit fly hovering above my organic grape tomatoes and I thought *A-HA, I think I remember something about ridding the house of these peskies on Mama’s Weeds*. So I’m applying your technique and hoping for the best (seeing them swimming at the bottom of the cider/dish soap concoction).

    • Good luck! You’ll have to reply with your results in the AM! 😉

      • One pesky about 30 min later and this morning only that one still there. Guess there was just a lone scout in the area and I got him! Thanks for the tip.

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