Saturday, Continued

Poor Zaky ended up having to go in to work this afternoon, so the girls and I were on our own. I’ve been wanting to take them to see Earth, and we’ve been trying to find a time to go together as a family. It hasn’t happened so I decided today was the day and found it playing in just one small movie theater in the city at 4:45.

Breakfast got pushed back due to my long bike ride, so lunch was pushed back too.

With cumin hummus in the fridge, the wheels in my head started turning as I realized it’s been a while since I’ve been LovIn My Crack Wrap.

Pan lightly sprayed with EVOO from my misto, a flat out wrap smeared with homemade hummus, topped with mild cheddar cheese and spinach.


All wrapped up! Isn’t it cute??


Steamin’ some veggies.


My crack wrap with a side of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms topped with a bit a Parmesan cheese.


Totally satisfied, we left a bit early for the movie because I had a feeling The Nap Evader wouldn’t be able to resist the lull of the expressway and sun-warmed car.

Clearly, I’m in the wrong business and should be pursuing my career as a psychic.


With 20 minutes to spare, we let Maxine have sweet dreams in the back, while I had nightmares up front.


Still 11 years to go! Phew.

Earth was FABULOUS! Kids or no kids, I highly recommend it. We’re about a month late seeing it, but it was great. Not only that, but the sweet old rinky dink theater only charged $3 a piece for the matinee. AND we got to sit in their Private Screening Room; a small room upstairs for parents with young children. Translation? We got to watch the movie while sitting on a comfy couch, they were able to be as loud as they wanted, take their socks and shoes off, go through my purse, ask a million questions, draw pictures on my grocery list, all for only $9. I call that a perfect afternoon.

After the movie we made a quick pass through the grocery store. Just as we were getting out of the car I heard that familiar ding ding dingdingding ding ding ding and tried to stick my fingers in their ears and sing “La La La La!” but it was too late.


Maxine picked a 3.50 Partially Hydrogenated Nutty Buddy and Ava picked a 1.00 Red Dye #5 Cherry Banana Split Popsicle.


I really struggle with this because of course I only want them to only eat THE BEST! But I want to let them to be kids too. We have plenty of conversations about eating sweets in moderation. It’s a fine line to walk trying to keep them healthy and teach them to make the right choices, but not depriving them either, fearing that they’ll one day rebel, sneak “bad” foods or go crazy and binge when they finally DO get to eat them…

Oh yeah, someone please remind me to add M&M’s to the grocery list for Maxine because we’re out. πŸ˜‰

Ice cream in the freezer, they had Annie’s Mac and Cheese and sliced apples for dinner.


I was still going strong from lunch and not very the hungry after my Pile’O Veggies, so I had a Green Monster and dessert for dinner.

My green monster was comprised of hemp milk, extra firm tofu, mango, a mound of spinach and LF vanilla yogurt.Β  Served on the side, two Kashi Honey Oat Waffles smeared with almond butter and topped with chocolate chips.


We go crazy here on Saturday nights I tell ya.

And finally, it was time to bust into the freezer and unwrap the sugary goodness.


They decided to venture off the porch…


And I SWEAR to you I saw this coming. Just call me Psychic Ali.


Oh dear. Whoever believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.


She was totally sad and I felt awful. We scooped it up and took it inside. I sawed off the hunk with dirt in it and we patched it back onto the cone. Fortunately she soon lost interest.Β  3.50 or not, I magically mystically made the whole thing disappear!


And now it’s after midnight and Mr. Man is still not home. 😦  Off to bed.


4 Responses

  1. I wanted to take my girls to a movie all week, but am so afraid of how Gabbie, my 2 year old, will sit still for that long. I wish I knew of a theater that had a special viewing room, what a great idea.

    The more reading I have been doing, the harder it is getting for me to let me kids eat like kids. I never cared before when I didn’t care about myself and now I am much more aware, but yet do want them to be kids. I figure they can get all the fun stuff at grandma’s because grandma doesn’t care about my wishes, so that makes it much easier for me.

    M&M’s are on the list for me as well. I am going to get this potty training going again this week, you are my motivation. It is always easier when you read someone else going through something and to follow suit.

  2. Yes Robin, that’s exactly it. The more I know about what HFCS and transfats do to our bodies, the harder it is for me to buy it for them. I still let them have these things from time to time, and I won’t stop anyone from bringing them treats because it’s fun for everyone involved, but at home I’ll show them that there are other ways to eat treats too, like making our own cookies or how great orange juice popsicles taste! And of course sometimes we still let the ice cream man stop at our house. πŸ˜‰ Everything in moderation, including moderation, right?

    Good luck with the potty training. It is slow going here. You’re right that it’s easier when you know you aren’t going through it alone.

  3. I think you are taking the approach with the girls and eating perfectly. Letting them have it once in a while is a real treat and who knows, maybe one day they won’t even want it because they know there are better and healthier things to eat.

    What a great movie theatre! I have never heard of a kid’s room like that. Wow! It’s almost like just watching it from home with your own couch and space to run around.

    Those steamed veggies look delicious! I actually liked every veggie you used this time. (hehe) I don’t think I’ll ever try the “Green Monster”, though. (haha) Is it sweet?

    What are the Polar drinks you have in your posts? Is that a soda or water? Does it have any sort of sweetener in it or carbonation?

    Love your gas stove, too, by the way. I’m jealous.

    • Jennifer the Polar is just flavored seltzer water. Just bubbles and a little flavor with no sweeteners or anything… because there are some flavored seltzers with Splenda, etc and I don’t like those. I find it in the section with water at the grocery store, but read the label to be sure your not getting the fake sweetened kind, which interestingly enough are usually in a different section of the grocery store.

      My green monster is sweet because I put in vanilla yogurt, and any fruit makes it sweet too. If it wasn’t at least a little sweet there is no way I make it as often as I do. πŸ˜‰

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