Planned Chaos

Tons of running around today! (Minus any actual running.) With a little forethought and planning in the food department, it was easy to still eat healthy despite no time to cook.

I had a meeting this morning at 10 on the other side of the city. Knowing time would be of the essence this morning after a workout, shower and getting ready, overnight oats were most definitely in order.

Last night I soaked a half cup of rolled oats in a 1/4 c of plain LF yogurt and 1/2 c of Silk Enhanced soy milk.

After being awoken in the wee hours of the morning by a 5 year old who shall remain nameless, I didn’t manage to fall back to sleep until nearly 6. I canceled my AM workout plans in favor of sleep.

Ellen arrived to stay with the girls and with 10 minutes to spare before heading out the door, I topped my oats with ground flax, pre-prepped strawberries, a sliced banana and some walnuts. Oatmeal! Coffee! GO! GO! GO!

overnight_oats_62 overnight_oats_62_1

Breakfast held me over well for my meeting that went almost 2 1/2 hours, but by the time I got home I was starving!

Time to backtrack: Last night when I was making chili, I also made babaganoush and roasted red pepper hummus at the same time. Many times when I’m cooking dinner, I cook a few other things at the same time, to stock the fridge with foods for meals and snacks later in the week. It also gets me off the hook for serious cooking for the next few days. And I figure if I’m going to make a mess in the kitchen, let’s make a mess in the kitchen!

These two eggplants have been giving me the stink eye for a few days now, wondering when the hell I was going to make them into eggplant parm like I’d promised.


I explained to them that I didn’t have as much mozzarella cheese as I’d thought, so instead I was going to roast them and puree them with lemon, tahini, garlic, salt and olive oil.


I made babaganoush a few months ago and was unimpressed, and thought maybe I’d just messed something up. So this time I followed a different recipe, and looked at two recipes to come up with something in between.

Roasted and sliced open and ready to have their insides scraped out into the food processor.


The result?


Meh. I’ve never had babaganoush besides my own, so maybe it tasted like it was supposed to taste? Plus, it was GREY for crying out loud. All I could taste was the tahini. Two tablespoons of it was overpowering. It was ok, we’ll still eat it, but I’m in no hurry to attempt this again. At least those eggplants aren’t haunting me every time I come into the kitchen now.

Does anyone out there like babaganoush? What could I be doing wrong? I will freely admit that I do like to say BABAGANOUSH.

After baba came humma. Roasted red pepper hummus, that is.


You can bet your bottom dollar I shoved those two crackers into my mouth as soon I took that pic! This was a bit thin because I used a few too many roasted red peppers.

Fast forward to today, home from my meeting and wasting away to practically nothing, I snacked on baba and hummus while catching up with my one of best gal pals who had stopped by to visit. For lunch I made us bean quesadillas and made her try a green monster!  Tara was totally impressed and fully on board the spinach in a smoothie movement.

My mom came to stay with the girls tonight (Ava says: TWO baby sitters today?!) while I went to an interesting food event put on by our local, large chain grocery store, Wegmans called Living Gluten Free. The event first caught my attention because we have friends who are sensitive to gluten and I’m always wondering what’s “safe” to cook for our get-togethers.  I was also excited by the list of vendors that would be there; Bob’s Red Mill, Simply Organic, OrganicVille (love their Miso Ginger dressing!), Foods Should Taste Good, Brown Cow, Nature’s Path, Pamela’s Products and many more.  I was looking forward to sampling some of their products I so often see in the natural food section, but sometimes hesitate to buy because I’m unsure if it will be something we’ll like.

Tonight I learned that when someone is sensitive to gluten, also known as Celiac Disease, the villi in the small intestine becomes flattened and damaged and isn’t able absorb the nutrients in foods during digestion.  Symptoms of gluten sensitivity include diarrhea, fatigue, increased appetite, bloating, weight loss, irritability and fatigue.  Some people also have an allergic reaction that shows up in the form of an itchy, blistery rash on their skin!  Yikes! Many times people are unaware they have CD until they are diagnosed with unexplained anemia or osteoporosis. It’s estimated that 1 in 133 Americans suffer from Celiac Disease.

People with CD must avoid wheat, rye, barley, spelt and in most cases oats!  (ACK!)  Safe alternatives include rice, corn, soy, quinoa, nut flours and potato to name a few.

There’s a boat load to know about CD, so you can learn more about Celiac Disease here.

It was an informative event and I was glad to have the chance to attend. At the end we were all sent home with SERIOUS goody bags, not to mention the myriad of samples handed out by the vendors. Tonight’s dinner consisted of cereal, nut bars, gluten free desserts, breads, yogurt, granolas and more!



The girls immediately snatched up and devoured the EnviroKidz rice crisp bars upon my return!


One of the coolest parts about tonight’s event was that many of the vendors there representing these companies were the actual founders and owners of the company itself! I was shocked! I would much rather support small businesses like these than a large, billion dollar corporation. Some of these people founded their businesses once they themselves were diagnosed with CD. Many of these small companies are working to support sustainable, organic farming, which makes it a bit easier for me to spend a little more on their products. Especially when I got to talk with them face and face and learn about their products. I liked seeing that these companies are run by “real” people.

What a day! Looking forward to a run in the morning. Here’s hoping for a peaceful night.


5 Responses

  1. WOW that’s a serious haul of free stuff. Let us know what tops your fave list once you’ve sampled things.

  2. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever had babaganoush. I always figured it would taste the same as hummus. But I’m not a big eggplant guy, so maybe I wouldn’t like it as much

    Oatmeal and coffee sounds good! Actually, anything with coffee sounds good. A week ago, I gave it up for a month as part of a challenge to myself. Reading about other bloggers drinking it does not make it easier!

  3. Wow!!! That event sounded SOOO cool!!! I would have loved to go to that. You got a ton of stuff, too. I’m so jealous. 🙂

    I find gluten-free eating very interesting. I’ve been waiting for The G-Free Diet book to come to my library. The author describes problems she had before eating gluten free and they sound exactly like what I experience. Makes me wonder sometimes.

  4. NoMeatMatt, I really admire your challenge! I too love to challenge myself in ways like that, to give up or eat much less of something I don’t really *need* and maybe go overboard with…. (sugar!!)

    Jennifer, a gluten free diet could be an awesome experiment for you, I’d love to hear about you giving it a whirl. I over heard a lot of conversations last night about how things changed for people once they began to avoid gluten. Could be well worth try!

  5. Wow, that goody bag is awesome. I would love to go to an event like that. And that hummus looks so good, yum.

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