My House is Your House

Lots of visitors today! Sharon showed up just in time to help me fold laundry! 😉

The girls played while we folded and chatted. Ava entertained the little girls by allowing them to watch her play My Little Pony games on the web.


More MLP action. We’re getting Lauren addicted early.


Everyone stayed for lunch, the girls had (what else??) Annie’s Mac and Cheese while Sharon and I dined on red pepper hummus with cucumbers and kashi crackers, apples with cinnamon and deviled eggs made with VANILLA yogurt! Totally unique and yummy! (Thanks Sharon!) I also made Sharon try an almond butter stuffed date for dessert. Come to my house and I’m going to make you try all the things I’m loving these days.

We also made Peanut Butter Granola!


I followed this recipe, but subbed canola oil for margarine, maple syrup for honey, chopped dates for raisins.

It turned out ok, I still like my usual granola better though. It’s a little soft and is missing *something* that I can’t put my finger on. I sent Sharon home with a sample of the PB granola and made her promise to report back here on what she thought once she had a chance to test it out.

Shortly before Sharon and her gang left, Tara arrived! I’m so happy to have Tara home from school and living in the area for an entire year before she’s off on her next adventure.

Tara came today armed and dangeous: nail polish!


Getting a pedicure in your underwear. Doesn’t get much better than that.



Tara brought ME a surprise today too!

A jar of her amazing homemade pickles and this rockin’ pickle fork! It’s a fork that stays on the jar, so you don’t even have to walk from the fridge to the drawer to stab a pickle!




How freaking cool is that??

Getting close to dinner time, we cooked up some Morningstar Veggie burgers Tara brought and made salads as big as our heads. I was excited to try the new Organicville Sundried Tomato & Garlic salad dressing I swagged yesterday at Gluten Free Living.


Our dinner time spread.


The salad: red leaf, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, cukes. Burger toppings: LTO + a slice of organic provolone, PICKLES and mustard!


The verdict on the dressing? I liked it, but I like their Miso Ginger dressing better. 😉

Ava and Tara.


Me and Max.


At least Tara and I know how to smile appropriately for the camera. Someone needs to teach these girls some camera manners!

Who wants a Fage kiss??


And just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Maxine proposed to Tara over dinner. “Tara, do you want to get married to us?” And Tara graciously accepted her proposal! Needless to say, the girls just completely adore Tara. 😉

Zak got home just in time to accompany us on our after dinner ride/walk.


One of us was a bit sad that we weren’t turning left to head to the playground.


I think we’ve done enough for today! Tomorrow, kid. Tomorrow.


3 Responses

  1. COOL pickle fork!!! That’s such a great idea!

    How is Maxie doing with PT? I’m making more granola tomorrow, but the regular recipe. 🙂

    So did you eat all of that for dinner? (salad and hamburger) Wow! I know the salad really doesn’t count but I don’t think I could put all of that in me at one time. (haha)

  2. YES I ate every last bite of my salad and burger! I’m a MACHINE.

    Tara couldn’t finish her salad. I totally kicked her ass in the salad eating department.

    Maxine is actually doing well in the PT department. She had no accidents today, and only one cup peeing incident, outside on the deck thank goodness.

    Don’t ever come to my house and pick up a cup off the counter and say “oh, this looks clean” and then drink out of it. Always, ALWAYS pick a glass out of the cupboard. One that is up very, very high.

  3. Ok, i liked the PB Granola! Although i too thought it wasn’t as crunchy as supposed to be (needed more PB maybe), little too salty for me and i think i would have preferred raisins over the dates. Of course when we were making it i told Ali to put RAISINS in it! Don’t listen to me…HE HE HE Overall it gave my cottage cheese with strawberries a nice PB taste and i’ll be making this as soon as i can run to the store to get more oats.

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