That Kind of Morning

Waking up hungry, I ransacked the fridge for a bowl of pre-run watermelon.

A bit of foreshadowing for more PINK yet to come this morning perhaps?


Watermelon partially digested, I laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement for 32 minutes to run 4.18 miles with Jillian.

Upon my return as I approached the house, I could hear Maxine crying from the street (windows open). I ran up the stairs and snagged her from the bedroom. We came downstairs to do some yoga to stretch and cool down.

Before long though yoga was cut short with “Play with me mommy! You be this!” thrusting multiple ponies into my downward dog.

Alright, you asked for it.

Play was innocent enough, until Minty and Springtime pony stopped by trying to sell their new hair products door to door.


The other ponies ran from the windows and kept quiet until the door to door ponies gave up and moved to the pony hovel next door.


Meanwhile there was a bit of panic when 1980’s Baby Pony some how climbed to the top of the turret.


And then the worst happened.


She jumped!

[Censored. Photo Removed.]

(Actually, I think she was pushed)


Like any good reality TV producer, once things got a little boring I tried to bring in a new character to rattle things up a bit.


But the crab was immediately rejected and thrown across the room voted off.


Feeling like my new and interesting ideas weren’t being fully appreciated, I got up to make myself a bowl of cereal.


I made a big cereal mess with 2% fage mixed with a little bit of Stonyfield LF vanilla, topped with flax, Heart to Heart, PB Granola, bananas, strawberries and hemp milk.

And yes I recycled my watermelon bowl from this morning for my cereal. I’m a firm believer in dish conservation. I’m so green.

After the cereal photo shoot, I came back into the kitchen to find the ponies had gathered round for some Heart to Heart too.


Everyone needs a good breakfast!


2 Responses

  1. Love the pictures!

  2. Hahahah I love your sense of your humor with the ponies (and especially the guest star)!

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