Break Fast

I couldn’t decide last night if I would get up and ride first thing or if I should wait to go later in the afternoon when it was warmer and the girls were off with Aunt Ellen.

The decision was made for me when I woke up at 5:30 to find Zak was still not home from work. 😦

So instead I ate breakfast and bellied up to the computer.

Are you getting tired of breakfast cookies yet? Well I’m not!

Oh the things I do
Waiting for the coffee to brew!

breakfast_cookie_2 breakfast_cookie_3
breakfast_cookie_4 breakfast_cookie_1

It was right about this time that Zak rolled in, and is now sleeping and thankfully working from home today after he catches some Zzz’s.

With my workout postponed, I decided to share some of my new found wisdom this morning. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this moment. It’s finally here.

I’ve found the Fountain of Youth! My secret? Unleashing the power of Human Growth Hormone.


No eating before bed! My true love Jillian was the first person to bring this idea into my life with her latest book Master Your Metabolism.

Summed up, in my own words: HGH is this amazing hormone that keeps us looking young, burns fat and calories, gives us energy, keeps us healthy, heals our bodies, and on and on and on. We produce about 90% of our HGH when we sleep. More specifically, there’s a huge surge of it about an hour and a half after we fall asleep. The opposite hormone of HGH is insulin. When insulin levels are up, HGH levels are down. So when we eat right before bed, carbs especially, our insulin levels are elevated and therefore our HGH levels don’t rise and we lose our opportunity to get a big shot of HGH.

Jillian says in her book that HGH can even help us burn fat IN OUR SLEEP. Uh, hello, I’m all over that one!

When I read this in her book, I did a bit of digging on the web to see what else I could find. A lot of research and studies concur with what she says, so I decided it was time to put this into practice.

I use to always have a before bed snack, usually something high in carbs like a bowl (or two, or three) of cereal, thinking I was doing a good thing by carbo loading for my morning work out. Head –> Palm

I thought, “I’m ALWAYS hungry before bed, what am I going to do??” I decided to try and eat a bit of a bigger dinner, to keep me from getting too hungry before bed, to ensure it’s been 2 to 3 hours since my last meal before I hit the hay.

The result? It’s working! Not only have I lost the few pounds I gained over the winter without even trying, I am sleeping better than I have since 2004 BC. (Before Child.)

Last night is the perfect example: I slept like a rock. I got in to bed around 10:30 and I swear the next thing I knew the sun was up and it was 5:30. I’ve struggled with occasional bouts of insomnia in my day, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep, especially when I was with child. Regular exercise definitely improves my quality of sleep, but ever since I’ve stopped snacking before bed, I’m sleeping better than ever. (Or maybe I slept so well because Zak’s CrackBerry wasn’t going off all through the night?? 😉 )

But what do you do if you are TRULY hungry before bed? Jillian to the rescue once again. She says if you have to have a bedtime snack or need something to eat before you go to sleep, it should be mainly protein with maybe a bit of unrefined carbs… think cottage cheese, a bit of chopped apple and some nuts. Or a piece of cheese and a couple of grapes.

So now instead of a carby treat before bed like I use to do all. the. time., I’ve moved before bed treat to an afternoon snack or making it part of dinner, so I give my insulin levels a chance to come back down before I fall off into dreamland. Every evening I aim to get into bed feeling *ever so slightly* hungry.

The other amazing part of this is that just knowing the biology behind fasting after dinner makes it so much easier to NOT snack before bed. I use to really struggle with this, especially this winter, thus gaining about 5 lbs after the holidays. I was always overdoing it with cereal, chocolate, craving massive quantities of carbs before bed. This and other changes I’ve made have made an incredible difference in my life and helped me feel like a new woman who is control. Now after dinner, I’m done eating for the day. I fast until morning.

They don’t call it breakFAST for nothing! 😉


8 Responses

  1. Awesome post. I am always struggling with whether I should have a snack or not before bed, I am going to challenge myself to nothing after dinner for a week and see how it goes.

    My husband is a computer programmer and works insane hours. Luckily he comes home from work, but never comes to bed. There are days where he comes to bed when I am getting up to run, fun stuff!

  2. I love Jillian and her videos, but I have yet to read her book – now I think I need to get that one!

    Thanks for the breakdown! No pun intended! 😀

    • Robin, too funny, it sounds like your husband’s job is probably very similar to Zak’s! Report back in a week to let us know how the no snacks before bed thing goes! Some mornings I wake up starving and have to eat before I work out, other mornings I wake up feeling totally fine. It’s hit or miss.

      I love Jillian’s DVD’s too biz! Her book rocks, you won’t regret it. 😉

  3. Poor Zak. He must be exhausted.

    I love that book! I think she mentioned something about your growth hormone being highest about one hour after you go to bed.

    One of my hardest things is not eating after dinner. Last night I had a bowl of fruit so that’s better than ice cream. 🙂 I’m going to try the same thing by going a week without anything at night. I’ll let you know when I try that and how I feel.

  4. I’d never heard this HGH stuff before. I take it you’ve read Jillian’s new book? Is it worth picking up?

  5. Um, duh, obviously you have the book. This is what I get for speed reading after midnight. I am going to bed.

  6. I finally made the Oatmeal Cookie and it was good. I think i wouldn’t have liked it as much if i didn’t top it with the bananas and strawberries that i did. Very good!

    • Glad you liked it…. I can say the same thing about oatmeal in general, I don’t think I would like it as much if I did add all sorts of other fun stuff. Fruit, nut butters, milk…. gotta have it, cooked on the stove, soaked over night or in cookie form. Oatmeal is more fun with added ingredients!

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