Saturday Success

Wow, no oats this morning?? Say it ain’t so.

Oooo La La! French Toast!

One egg, a (large) splash of vanilla soy milk, a bit of vanilla extract and some cinnamon, scrambled together.


Two slices of whole wheat bread, soak each piece in egg mixture for about a minute, or until bread is good and saturated.




Breakto Perfecto


Breakfast is not complete without almond butter! A couple of tablespoons of pure maple syrup for dippin’ and sliced bananas piled high!

I’d say this breakfast is easily 600 calories but well worth every damn one of them! Especially with a long run planned for late morning. I also find that if I eat more calories earlier in the day, I’m less hungry later in the day and find it easier to not eat before bed.

Food Porn.


I’ll surely attract some weirdos for anyone Googling “Food Porn” but whatever.

After breakfast we got ourselves out the door and took Ava to her final dance class before her recital next week. My mom met us and took both girls home with her while I went back home to run far, far away.

But I could only find one sneaker??

After a bit of hunting I discovered the ponies had a made plans to run as well.


I did 9 miles today, the furthest I’ve run since the marathon last fall. Technically this is “Week 4” of marathon training if I follow the same 18 week training program I used last year, but I’m still undecided if I’ll be doing the marathon or not again this year. At this point I’m going to do what I did last year…. loosely follow the training program, doing the weekly long runs and slowly upping my mileage, and see how I feel as the deadline for registration draws closer.

It was really warm and sunny today. Running at noon with the hot sun beating down, I was quickly reminded of why I prefer to run first thing in the morning right after the sun comes up.

9.12 miles in 1:12, making my average pace 7:55. It sure felt like I was running a lot slower than that with the heat though!

After a shower and a quick lunch, I picked up the girls at my mom’s. A fun morning and afternoon at Granny’s house, next up: Zak’s mom’s house to spend time with Hanna, Aunt Pat and the CHICKENS.

A little cook out of dogs (both hot and veggie) and salad for dinner, Maxine was totally bummed to have ice cream for dessert.


Once we done making a mess of our faces, I had to force them to go visit the chickens.



It amazes me that my otherwise shy, reserved second born goes HOG WILD running into and around this chicken coop!

Notice the blur that is her foot.


Meet Olive.


Also notice that Mommy is taking pictures from the OTHER SIDE of the fence?

Zombie Max says: Moooorrrreeee chiiiickenssss. I want to squeeze mooorrrreeeee chiiiiickenssss!


And just in case we weren’t yet dirty enough, it was now time to water the plants in Hanna’s garden.



Visited both grandmothers? Check.

A long run? Check.

Ice cream? Check.

Stepped in chicken shit? Check.

I’d call this Saturday a success.


2 Responses

  1. You should just make PB french toast…My favorite! Just make a PB sandwich and then do all the norm.

    • Neat idea! Next time I make it that’s exactly what I’ll do! In fact, I think I’ll make an almond butter and banana sandwich, and then do all the other stuff! Good thinking.

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