A Salad as Big as My Head

See? I’m not kidding!


I ate the whole dang thing!

It was exactly the same as yesterday’s apple, tofu, cashew, feta, miso salad but with mushrooms today too.

Maxine helped with today’s afternoon snack: Magenta Monsters. Magenta would be Maxine’s new favorite color.

I don’t know how magenta these really were but we rolled with it!

max_help magenta_monsters

And when no one was looking I tossed in a few spinach leaves and they didn’t even notice! 😉 I’m getting them acclimated to the taste of spinach *insert evil cackle here*

And I turned my Magenta Monster GREEN GREEN GREEN as soon as theirs were poured!

For dinner, inspiration struck as I heated up left over chili for the man of the house and he put together a veggie dog in a piece of wheat bread and said he was in the mood for a chili dog…. oooo good thinking!

I opted for fries in place of bread.  Into the toaster oven!


Holy Veggie Chili Dog!  You can’t even see the fries behind the mountain of beans!


Topped with mustard, ketchup and a chopped up pickle!

And now Maxine is standing here naked, hanging on my arm telling me she wants Heart to Heart… come on mommy I’m hungry I want cereal I’m hungry I want cereal Mommy Mommy I want cereal come on Mommy Mommy? Mommy! (she’s dictating and I’m typing it live) so I guess I better wrap this up.


6 Responses

  1. Maxine is such a cutie pie!

  2. Wow….that is one big head you have. (haha)

    What does the miso dressing taste like?

  3. i love your headband in the first picture! also, that chili veggie dog looks scrumptious…

    • Thanks Mary! And thanks Leah! And P.S., Leah was my first choice name for Maxine (but Maxine was the name we could both agree on… 😉 )

      Jennifer, Miso is hard to describe, but I love it! Shawn is actually the one who turned me on to it! 😀

  4. what exactly is miso? I tried a variety of the cinammon hummus when I made some today. All I had was cinnamon and honey hehe … it’s not bad actually. Didn’t want to put almonds in it because the kids eat it.

  5. Miso is made from soybeans and rice vinegar. It’s white and creamy… that’s about all I know!

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