Just Us Girls

So we made it to the playground.

We snacked. We were pensive.

We Were Quiet We Snacked

And then we were off!

Then We Went Crazy

There was running. There was screaming.


There was colliding. There was falling.

Close! falling
Then we were off again.

Maxine asked me to “hold her money” while she ran around like a wild child.


I had an apple with almond cinnamon hummus today at the playground, and that was apparently “lunch” because I didn’t feel hungry again until the late afternoon, when I had a random 2% Fage/cereal/granola/chocolate chip/hemp milk snack in the afternoon while I checked email.


Zak called to say he was going to be late, so for a quick dinner I whipped up a homemade veggie burger, this time swapping out the black beans and using pinto beans. My mom made her own veggie burger with pinto beans and liked it, so I was up for something a little different.

I mashed up a whole can of pinto beans, stirred in some bbq sauce, a little cooked corn and some whole wheat flour. I made a patty with a small handful of bean mash, to cook up one burger for myself and leaving plenty for a few more burgers.

pinto_burger burger_1

Veggie burger and a pile o’ steamed veggies, topped with a bit of parm. Loved the pinto bean burger, it was fab!


Hoping for an early bedtime since I’m solo tonight. Would love love love to crash on the couch and watch The Office and 30 Rock! We shall see…


6 Responses

  1. You’re girls are adorable! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a few days now. Love your creativity in the kitchen!

  2. That burger looks great. Solo nights with the girls, seems to happen too much here. I tried keeping them awake so Daddy could put them to bed, but I couldn’t hold off. I guess Daddy has nighttime duty all weekend.

  3. Your pics even make steamed vegetables look good.

  4. That burger sounds great!! I tried making black bean burgers before, but I didn’t know what I was doing and they came out dry and cracked. 😀 I like the idea of using pinto beans and bbq sauce with the veggies.

    Next week I’m picking up a can of pinto beans at the store and trying these out…yum!

  5. yummm…those girls are so cute 🙂

  6. Hi rddaily, thanks! 😀

    Robin, I think daddy weekend duty is a good trade off. 😉 Mine are usually up late so they can spend some time with Zak, otherwise they’d never see him. 😦 But it works out nicely because then they sleep late. hehe!

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