Guess Who Didn’t Feel Like Cooking?

You get three guesses, but the first two don’t count.

After a day of slaving away at the computer, then rushing Ava off to her dress rehearsal, (a sneak peek of tomorrow’s Walk in the Rain!)


our evening plans fell through and cooking was now the last thing I felt like doing. I’d had grilled hummus, spinach and tomato wrap at lunch (that’s salsa on the side there) –>


So that meant cook something or eat hummus again.


What DID sound appealing was piling kids in the car and running off on an emergency trip to the grocery store for my favorite kind of take out!

A veggie sub!

Veggie Sub

L, T, O, hot and sweet peppers, provolone and mayo on their seeded role! (Let the record state that I snagged a couple of those chips from the original pile of chips before the photo shoot!)

I thought we’d try some of these Food Should Taste Good chips while shopping for absolutely nothing on a grocery list. “We” as in me, myself and Zak since they are Jalapeno. 😉 I let the kids each pic out a little bag of Sun Chips, the least objectionable among regular chips in my mind.


These were great! Natural, no trans fats, yummy, crunchy, spicy. That’s how I would like to describe myself, actually.

And oh no, we didn’t just stop at the Sub Shop. We stopped at the bakery too.


I am not lying when I tell you that the cake LEAPT out of the bakery case and into the basket as I innocently walked by looking for celery. I’m not even exaggerating when I say the girls begged and pleaded with me NOT to get a little cake for dessert. No please mommy, no cake! NO CAKE! And let me assure you that this pile of brown is not called “The Ultimate Chocolate Cake”.

Surely I jest. Surely the chocolate has gone straight to my brain and activated the bad joke center.


So now I’m good and carbo loaded up for my long run tomorrow morning. I’m doing a group run organized by one of the local running shoe stores in the city. I’ve gotten approximately 1,764 messages for these weekly runs through Facebook. The 1,765th one finally convinced me. OK OK I’ll come! Geez man. What a splendid idea, why didn’t you say something sooner?

They start at 8:00, so I’ll be out the door by 7:30.

Off to the land of dreams to send subconscious messages to the chocolate, sugar, butter and cream coursing through my veins –> Turn right! Turn right! The liver! THE LIVER! Not the thighs!


6 Responses

  1. Those chips, “FSTG Jalapeno”, were on sale at the local chain grocery store this week and I fell in love with them, too. They’re spicy hot & perfect with the Mexican *hummus* that I’ve been making lately. How funny that they rang our independent bells :->

  2. uummm….just looking at that last cake pic makes me feel like I’ve eaten a bite

  3. That cake looks delicious. I love how you tell your stories! They’re so cute!

  4. Gasp….Alison, I’m shocked! (haha) (referring to you buying a cake) haha. Looks delicious and too funny about the girls NOT wanting any. Do they not like cake?

    Those chips look delicious. Sounds like a fun and “different” dinner. 🙂

    • haha Jennifer, sorry, I was being sarcastic about the girls saying no to cake. Quite the opposite really. See? I told you it was a bad joke!

  5. I love all the varieties of the Food Should Taste Good chips – my favorite being the multi-grain and sweet potato. I’m going to revisit the Jalapeno ones as I am slowly building up a tolerance for things with a kick (I’m a wimp!)

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