Best Laid Plans

The Cat Puke Alarm Clock went off at about 4:45 this morning, and I awoke to find no Prince Charming laying beside me. STILL at work. Ugh. He walked in the door around 5:30 and we chatted as he had his half of the veggie sub for breakfast. Or maybe I should say dinner?

I was still going to for my group run, thinking the girls would sleep in, so I made myself a small bowl of pre-run goodness. Half a container of 2% Fage with Heart to Heart and strawberries.


I’m a little ticked at that knight for hitting on the princess instead of kicking some dragon ass, because it sure looks to me like I’m gonna have a fire breathing fight on my hands!

Five minutes before it was time to walk out the door I heard Maxine exclaim “The sun is up!”

Why yes as a matter of fact it is.

Group run plans abandoned, I’ll admit I was at first pretty frustrated and annoyed. But I came to realize that energy was a waste and could be better spent doing something else. So I fired up the trusty iPod and did 40 minutes of Gentle Hatha Yoga #1 and #2 while Maxine ate breakfast and played in the family room around me.



I’m now thinking I’ll save my long run for tomorrow, since I prefer to do them first thing in the morning. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride this afternoon after the dance recital.

But who knows! That’s just how it goes…

Until then, be sure to check out Shannon’s fantastic site and my guest post at The Daily Balance today!


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