I Like to Walk in the Rain

Today’s dance recital was so sweet. And LONG! But we made it, no stage fright, lots of ooohhhs and aaawwws over how cute all the kids were.

Here’s my gal in her little yellow raincoat playing with props back stage.

playing_with props


And hell yeah I was HOOKED UP with backstage passes YO!


Maxine was definitely SPENT at the end. More accurately, she was spent about an hour into it. She actually napped in Zak’s mom’s arms for the first half hour or so. And of course it’s no wonder, considering she was up at the crack of dawn!

Maxine begged and pleaded to go see the chickens at Hanna’s house after the recital, so Zak and the girls went with his mom while I went home so I could go for my bike ride and get something to eat.

I had a second bowl of yogurt and cereal for Breakfast Part II this morning and was more than ready for lunch when I got home at 3:45!

One of my favorite ways to eat hummus…. smeared on a sandwich thin (or any bread really) and topped with a little cheese to be warmed up and toasted in the toaster oven. Add some salsa on top and VOILA!


Missing a bite because I was starving!

I was not at all organized and didn’t put things together at the same time, it’s just been that kind of day.

I also had forgotten about and was pleasantly reminded of this when I got lunch ready!


This idea was stolen from inspired by both my mom and a friend too. My mom makes a lot of green tea at one time and keeps in the fridge cold, ready to drink. I definitely prefer to EAT my calories and the only calories I usually drink come from the milk in my coffee at breakfast. I’ve been drinking a lot of seltzer lately and while that’s fine, the cost can really add up. I also haven’t been drinking much tea now that it’s warmer, and felt like I’ve been missing some green tea in my life. Thus today I brewed 2 bags of Tazo green and 1 bag of Tazo mint in a large glass jar and popped it in the fridge.

The mint sweetens it up just enough that I don’t have to add any agave or anything. This turned out great and I will definitely be doing this again!

So on to my random lunch, I felt like I should eat something green but opted for something pink instead because it was cut up and ready.


Doesn’t anyone put away toys in this house?? There’s that dragon again, eyeing my tea this time!

And last but not least, I couldn’t pass up another tiny morsel of chocolate cake to round out my meal.


Look away evil dragon!

I ate all of these things standing up right in the kitchen, something I usually try to avoid just so that I’m more conscious of eating and it’s not something I’m mindlessly doing. Mindless eating gets me into trouble!

Full and ready to ride, I decided on a whim to ride to Kath’s house to meet up with the family, and then put my bike in the car and drive home together. I guesstimated it was about 15 miles and would take me an hour. I called ahead to make sure they’d wait and wouldn’t leave without me!

Turns out it was only 11 miles and I made it in 45 minutes. It was a nice change to do a route I’ve never done on my bike before. Having a real destination instead of doing a loop like usual was fun too.

Dinner tonight looked an awful lot like dinner a few nights ago! We finished up the veggie burgers and some other left over vegetables in the fridge.


Ava’s dance recital trophy had dinner with us too. šŸ˜‰ This was the first time we got to sit down and have dinner together as a family in over a week I think.


My gang is in the other room being silly and laughing, off to join them.


3 Responses

  1. I LOVE those pictures!!! What a cute costume!!! Did you record it? I’m jealous you got to go backstage, too. We weren’t allowed at Alyssa’s. I’m glad it went well.

    Is the dragon still lurking?

  2. Your hummus sandwich is my new thing i’ve been eating for lunch too. Almost every day that’s my lunch with a bowl of fruit or green monster. I love the green ice tea, i 95% of the time have a pitcher in the fridge of nice brewed ice tea. I LOVE IT! I’m actully going to go up and make some right now.

  3. That hummus concoction looks so delicious i want to bite the screen.

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