All Star Breakfast

I was not really in the mood to run this morning. I was in the mood yesterday morning! But some how I managed to get my stuff on and get out the door to see how far I would go. This is really a big trick that I pull on myself because I say: “if you want to turn around and go back after the first mile, you can” But the first mile is always the toughest and once I’m through that first mile I’m in the groove. I fall for it every time.

I didn’t know how far I was going to go. I had planned to do 9 yesterday, but wasn’t feeling it today. I got to the point where I would turn to do 5 and kept going. I got to my point where I turn for 7 and still kept going. I did a new route that I thought was going to be 9 but ended up being only 8 that I did in just over an hour. And now I’m high as a kite on my daily endorphin rush.

When I got home the house was quiet except for some slight chattering by Maxine, still in bed. She came out into the hallway unaware I was here in my office and I got to listen to the ponies discuss who was going to jump down the stairs first.



turning busted

All the ponies had their turn and it was then on to breakfast.


But first a quick stop with the camera at the kid height mirror in the hallway, of course.


Maxine and I both choose Heart to Heart, since I didn’t prepare any oatmeal creation last night and have not been in a hot breakfast kind of mood these days.


Mine was a layered breakfast mess with 2% Fage at the bottom, topped with ground flax, then H2H, sliced bananas and a drizzle of almond butter. Unsweetened vanilla hemp milk was my cereal fluid of choice.


My All Star Breakfast!


The rest of the family is up now, off I go.


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  1. I love the trophy next to your bowl of cereal. I’m going grcery shopping today to get stuff to make those overnight oats! I’m so excited to try them out this week! 🙂

    I also had the I don’t want to get up and run feeling on Friday, but I made myself do it and I was sooo happy that I did 😀

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