More Chocolate Cake!

Tonight we had a family and friends cookout at Zak’s mom’s house, a fun excuse to get together and hang out and EAT!

I brought hummus and a tossed salad. I wanted to try something new for hummus so I broke out a packet of Simple Organic Southwest Taco seasoning I had in the cupboard. I swapped out lemon juice for lime juice, everything else was the usual, i.e., canola and tahini. It made for a fun, different combo of flavors!


I made a double batch. One to keep and one to share!


While I was cooking, I prepped and made some things for the week too.

A batch of homemade granola since I’m OUT!

granola_1 granola_2

And because I had the food processor out for making hummus, I rinsed the bowl and used the shredder attachment to shred carrots for the tossed salad and some extra to use later this week too.


Last but not least, a green monster (x2!) for lunch topped with fresh granola. Yummo. x2!


I cooked and prepped for a few hours late morning then had a meeting this afternoon. Once I got home we threw the kids in the car and headed off to Kath’s house. A little photo summary of the highlights of our evening. 😀


ambiance Ambiance! Wild flowers from around Kath’s yard.
Veggie and hummus plate. veggie_hummus_plate
tree_arms Ava said, “Look! I can make the tree have arms!”
Mexican Hummus on a Guiltless Gourmet baked blue tortilla chip. hummus_chip
salad_burger_pasta Veggie burger, tossed salad and pasta salad.
more_choc_cake The fabulous chocolate cake Zak’s aunt Ellen
brought was definitely the highlight
of the meal!
Cake was enjoyed by all. 😀 max_cake

Good company and good food!


5 Responses

  1. ooohhh that chocolate cake looks sooo good! looks like you had a fun time – such yummy eats and beautiful weather. the perfect combo!

  2. Everything looks so yummy. Sounds like a lovely evening with friends.


  3. Awesome pictures! The hummus sounds good!

    Have a great week! 🙂

  4. You take the best pictures! I love how you capture the expressions of everyone at just the right time.

    That hummus sounds incredibly delicious!! I will have to try that one, too. 🙂

  5. That hummus looks so good! I never even thought about making my own!

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