Apriplum? Plumawhat?

I made another jar herbal tea today, this time Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion. 3 bags with boiling water and then into the fridge. I’m not usually a fruity tea kind of gal, but what a great summer time flavor.


I’m totally digging this cold tea thing, and I don’t even miss any sweetner. I think I’m acclimated to unsweetened beverages now. It’s a nice change of pace from seltzer and water during the day though. But it’s got me wondering, do you still get the benefits from tea if you drink it cold?

I use to be a total soda and juice drinker, but that was before I knew it was calories that were keeping me from losing weight. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that until about a year ago I had no idea that calories really counted. Seriously. I thought “Calories? Oh, I’ll just burn those off.” Sure you will. Provided you don’t eat too many of them!

We had an early lunch because I *thought* we were going to go to the library today. But someone who is 2 and shall remain nameless had a meltdown when I poured yogurt into a bowl for her and apparently she wanted to do it herself.


Yeah, I think maybe we’ll pass on the library for today.


Yesterday’s green monster was so fabu that I made another one today.


Thrown with reckless abandon into the blender: frozen, thawed organic mango, a chuck of extra firm tofu, a splash of soy milk, a couple handfuls of spinach and some WATERMELON just to make things interesting.  😉

Then I had this new mutant fruit called a Plumcot! Apparently it’s a cross between a plum and an apricot. It was not organically grown but the sample they fed me at the grocery store was so yummy it convinced me to throw gently place four of them into my cart!


I sliced it up and Ava tried it. She liked it so much she asked to have her picture taken with it. And her dance trophy too.

sliced_plumcot ava_plumcot

I keep forgetting the name of this fruit and want to call it a tangaplum? Plumwho? Yahurtyerwhat? Even while writing this post I had to go downstairs and look at the sticker on the produce bag to remember what to call this thing. It just looks like a plum to me. Whatever you call it was awesome!

Around 4 I started wondering why it things seemed so quiet, and walked into the living to find this:


Suddenly the Great Yogurt Meltdown of 2009 started to make a lot more sense.


Ava and I snacked on the sweetest, juiciest organic strawberries of the season!


Zak left work “early” tonight (5pm) because I had a meeting to get to. As he left work he called saying “Did you know there’s a lot of traffic at this time of day?” Interesting. Cause that’s when the rest of the world leaves work! 😉 We had a good laugh over that.

Dinner was a salad with a side of sunshine!


And dessert/protein was a 1/2 container of 2% Fage, cat food Heart to Heart, chocolate chips and MORE SUN!


Zak and the girls went to visit the chickens while I was gone and they just got home. Lots of hooting and hollering about walking around the house with “Chicken Shoes” on. I better get down there before I’ve got a Tuesday Mess to clean up.


4 Responses

  1. That’s so weird!
    I had a plumcot (or whatever you call them) yesterday at Jackie’s! And I thought it was the weirdest thing because it was red inside, instead of the peachy color plums usually are. And I had no idea what it was called.
    All I know is that it was really yummy 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen a plumcot but I bet it’d be right up my alley! I do love me those stone fruits.

  3. Is it weird that I am now teary reading your blog because it reminds me so much of my life? Yes. But I had that same yogurt meltdown on my hands at dinner tonight. Only mine wanted to eat it out of the container and not the bowl.

  4. Plumcot??? Now thats interesting! 🙂

    Your foods and mason jars look amazing… Making me want some Ice Tea as a matter of fact!

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