Things That Make Me Say “WOO HOO!”

My girlfriend on the cover of SELF!


(I’ve been waiting for this issue since I heard her talk about it on her podcast months ago!)

Tofu and Veggie Wraps


(For lunch.)

Toddlers who nap.


(Even if it’s in the car.)

Locally grown berries!


(I smell overnight oats.)

Mother’s who come bearing mini cupcakes.


(And watch the children for a couple hours while I hide in my office.)

Pizza Night!


(Plus a cheese pizza for the girls. Both with homemade crust.)

And posts with less than 100 words.


9 Responses

  1. That pizza looks absolutely *delicious*!!!

    And I had no idea Jillian Michaels was going to be on Self magazine…I’m going to picking up that issue for sure. Love her! 😀

    Hope you enjoyed the oat cakes this morning! 😀

  2. All the pics are great! Sleeping toddlers are the best though! 🙂

  3. Tomorrow is pizza night here. I’m excited! I’m also looking up your recipe for the overnight oats so I can get the right measurements. Woot!

  4. Great post! You know I’ll be grabbing that magazine, too. 🙂

    Have you tried making the pizza with just whole wheat flour or do you have to use the white flour in it? Just curious. Looks delicious and gives me another dinner idea. 🙂

    • Jennifer, I’ve found that if I use more than 1 1/2 c of whole wheat flour, the crust is too tough for my liking. The more white flour the softer/doughier it is. I find 50/50 is a nice blend.

      Elizabeth, I hope your overnight oats turn out ok! A few of my friends have tried them and have not been impressed! I still love them anyway. 😉

  5. yeah for Jillian on Self…i haven’t gotten it yet, but you bet i will be checking the mail everyday now!

    yeah for fresh berries, cupcakes and sleeping kids!

  6. Awe your sleeping angel is so cute! I miss my kids all day while I’m at work 😦
    Can’t wait until I can be at home with them! I’m jealous!

  7. Woo hoo for bloggers who are my twins! Pizza and napping toddlers in the same day? GET OUT!!!

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