As much as I wanted to run this morning, I have to make today a rest day because I’m leaving on a little Momcation for the weekend and have a TON to do this morning before I leave.

1. Cook

a. garbanzo beans for hummus
b. two days worth of overnight oats

2. Clean

3. Laundry

4. Pack!

a. Books
b. Running Sneakers
c. Everything else

Part II of the *cough*REAL*cough* reason for a rest day is because I am hobbling around like an old lady thanks to Jillian and her work on my Trouble Zones yesterday. The chair squat gods are pointing and laughing at me.

So yes, I am taking off on a childless adventure to the cottage up north for a grown up girls weekend away. I’ve been day dreaming about this for last two five years. No kids. No men. Just me, Zak’s mom Kath and his Aunt Pat. Only us. And a book about Vampires.


I’ve heard people squeal and shriek about Twilight but I’ve been none too interested. Vampire books usually aren’t my thing. But after enough rave reviews from people with similar tastes in reading material, I decided it was worth a summer read and I picked it up let my mom buy it for me. (Thanks mom!)

This morning was a breakfast cookie made with yogurt! I usually don’t put yogurt in breakfast cookies, but I was putting it together on auto pilot last night while writing a mental to do list for today. I figured it’s not like I added gasoline by mistake so I just used a little less milk and called it a cookie.

Plus a cup of organic Green Mountain coffee and a glug of organic 1% milk.

Friday Breakfast Cookie friday_coffee

My cookie tasted a little different and was definitely softer, but it still disappeared.

And now the girls are off with Aunt Ellen today until Zak gets home from work and is on duty all weekend. I thought was an appropriate way to celebrate Father’s Day. 😉


Bye girlies! See you Sunday.


8 Responses

  1. yeah for moms getting a break! i hope you have a fabulous weekend – that is going to be so wonderful to so whatever you please. enjoy to the fullest dear!!!

  2. Oh, I.AM.SOOOO.JEALOUS!!! ENJOY IT!!!!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what you think about that book. Vampire stories are not my thing either but so many people have raved about it.

    I hope you come back all refreshed and relaxed. 🙂 Have a safe trip.

  3. I’ve seen that book everywhere too, and have yet to pick it up. Can’t wait to see what you think of it. 😀

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend! 😀

  4. I am so jealous of your momcation. I need one very badly.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight! I was hesitant to read it, but once I started I couldn’t stop reading. I have already read all 4 books, within a month, and love the movie. Have fun this weekend!

  5. “The chair squat gods”
    Ha ha ha ha ha!! You are too funny! Also, I put Twilight on my Kindle “just for fun” but quickly got addicted and read ALL FOUR BOOKS! I’m normally not into that kid of book either. It’s really good…. classic sort of romance and still clean. I get weirded out when there are too many sexy scenes in books and movies but this one is great!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  7. Have a great vacation!! 🙂

  8. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Twilight – I loved it.


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