Back to Down to Business

Home from my little vacation and getting settled back in. Dad and the girls survived their weekend together and I feel totally rested and refreshed from some uninterrupted ME time. I have to fight my urge to feel guilty about being gone, knowing a little time away is ultimately good for all of us. A little pinch on the soft skin underneath my arm usually snaps me out of it.

I arrived Friday afternoon and proceeded to drink too much wine that night. It’s been well over 3 years since I’ve had much more than one or two glasses of wine at a sitting. With no children under my care I felt free and reckless!

It was a lot of fun and even though Saturday morning and even part of the afternoon were a little rough… head pounding, room spinning, I’m not going to say that I regret it. It is what it is. It was certainly a good reminder though of why I prefer to enjoy alcohol in moderation:

Waking up feeling like crap totally SUCKS!

Saturday was filled with water consumption to combat alcohol induced dehydration, some yoga outside under the trees and sky, reading and napping too!

I was not at all up for running but did take a walk with my camera.




This morning I bounded out of bed and into my sneakers, feeling like my normal self and ready to run! I did an easy 5ish miles and came back for a breakfast of overnight oats and coffee.

I took myself and my camera on an hour long canoe ride on the river that the cottage sits on.



A nice opportunity for some reflection and a great arm and core workout too!


Despite too much wine of Friday, that was my only overindulgence I’m happy to say. I packed lots of veggies, oats, granola, fruit, yogurt and felt like I did a good job staying on course eating well.

The drive home is about 3 1/2 hours, and at about the half way point stopped for gas and a snack.

Slim pickings in the rest stop for anything healthy. Fortunately I still had a 2% Fage left and was able to score a decent topping for a little crunch!



I’m about three quarters of the way through Twilight! What a great book to get completely wrapped up in. I have a sinking feeling the last 150 pages at home are going to go a lot slower than the first 300 pages this weekend.


8 Responses

  1. I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet who just couldn’t get into Twilight. I read the first book and gave up a third of the way through the second.

    I love canoeing! I’m so jealous!

    Have a good week!!

  2. In your Fage, are those actual chocolate chips or are they carob chips?

  3. i am sooo happy you had a weekend away – you totally deserve it, and i bet daddy was happy to hang out with the girls all weekend 🙂

    that cottage/outdoors looks gorgeous – canoeing/hiking/walking = bliss.

    p.s. i feel ya on the hangover – feeling like crap in the morning is the WORST!

  4. What a beautiful canoe ride!! I’m jealous. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  5. How beautiful nature is, non?

  6. I am so terrified of canoes, but this post made me want to give it a try.

    Okay, so on the Twilight front – you are either going to A) get TOTALLY sucked in or B) hate it. I sort of wish the latter happened to me, because I’m about 100 pages away from finishing the 4th book and I am hooked. Although I hate the 4th book, but now I just have to read it to finish it. Argh. Have you seen the movie yet?

    (I am so ashamed!)

    • Some canoes are tippier (more tippy?) than others. You just need the right canoe. 😉

      WOW your are moving right along with the books! Your post about the book last week was the tipping point for me. And now your on book 4?! LOL! Man I’ve got to catch up!

      I haven’t seen the movie yet but will as soon as I finish the book!

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