Opportunity Knocks

I couldn’t decide if today would be a rest day or if I would run, and then take tomorrow off. I’ve got about 100 things I need to do today and I thought I could skip my run and get a jump start on my To Do list, or run today and take tomorrow off.

Decisions, decisions.

Sleeping family and a beautiful morning, I decided to take my opportunity to get while the gettin’ was good. It would be just my luck that tomorrow it will be raining, kids up early, Zak working late and needing to sleep in, sneakers stolen by rabid squirrels, you just never know what might come up.

So I laced up and blasted out the door for 4.76 miles in just under 38 minutes. Now on with the day!

(Doesn’t that make it sound like I threw the door open and taking off like a wild woman down the street?? Arms and hair flailing? That’s a fun image.)

I decided last night to put together some overnight oats with one of the little containers of YoBaby. I was going to use vanilla like always but then I thought I would take advantage of one of the new and different flavors we had and decided on pear.

pear calories

I figured out that this little container holds about a 1/2 c of yogurt, which is exactly how much I put in overnight oats. 110 calories, compared to 90 calories for a 1/2 c of my usual Stonyfield LF vanilla. 20 extra calories? No big deal.

1/2 c rolled oats, 1 container of pear YoBaby, and to be totally crazy I soaked the flax right in with the oats today. Livin’ on the edge!

Goodnight Oats!


Topped this morning with more local blueberries and strawberries. I skipped extra nut toppings knowing my yogurt had a little more punch today.


Totally creamy and sweet!

Breakfast with some reading material:


Because I’ve got an fun opportunity to play with a new toy for a little while!


Zak’s bro has a Nikon D70 SLR camera and let me borrow it to try out. He takes such fab pics I’ve been wanting to see what it can do for ages now. This is not a cheap camera so I’m thrilled to be able to try it out in exchange for some homemade hummus! 😉 I took some pics this morning but I’ve got a lot to learn with this sucker. It’s pretty intimidating! I’m glad he still has the manual for me to read through.


Can’t wait to take a bunch of pics of my favorite subjects…. my food and my kids! (In no particular order.)


Say cheese! (And then we might as well take a pic of cheese while were at it too.)


8 Responses

  1. I’ve seen too many bowls of overnight oats not to try them – LOVE the camera. Man I wish I had me one of those!

  2. Wow!! Sweet camera! Also, what’s the deal with overnight oats?? Is it more nutritious to soak than cook?? I always see everyone in blog land making them. What’s the deal??

  3. Soaking oats overnight is just another way to prepare them…. one of my favorite ways in case you couldn’t tell! They get soft over night and are a perfect spring/summer breakfast when I’m not in the mood for hot oats. Totally portable too, I use to make this ahead of time and eat it at my desk when I worked full time. Perfect for a kubiclekitchen! 😉 hehehe!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I’ve been meaning to try soaking my oats for ages and keep forgetting or whatnot. I never realized it could be a substitute for cooking them! I just thought it helped make the grains healthier BEFORE cooking! Awesome! I’ll have to try this out!

    Also, I love that you took the chance to run. I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire. So I don’t know that I would have made the same choice!

  5. LOVE overnight oats!! The weather is really starting to warm up, so I’m going to have to reintroduce it into my mornings! And those fresh berries look so pretty and delicious…the perfect topping. 😀

  6. My boyfriend saw my bowl of overnight oats and asked curiously, “What’s that? It looks good.” I told him what they were as I took a nice big bite. Mmm… Lol. Have fun with the camera! 🙂

  7. Five miles in 40 minutes? You go! And yes, I love the imagine of the wildly flailing run …. hahhaha

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