Listen to the Silence

Today is a rest day as planned. Although I’d like to believe I might squeeze in some yoga this afternoon, but I know how that goes. Translation: it usually doesn’t.

What is it with my gang waking up only to go back to sleep these last two days?


She actually had a low grade fever of 100 when she got up with me at 5:30 this morning. That’s just how the spit flies. Kids are so good at sharing the things you don’t want them to.

In other news my personal quest to avoid this little bug stay healthy is right on track. It’s hard to type and knock on wood simultaneously. It much easier to type and jinx yourself at the same time.

I enjoyed a quiet, peaceful breakfast at my desk while I worked on a variety of items.


Still loving my breakfast cookie, call me a creature of habit! Last nights combo was 1/2 c oats, heaping tbsp of almond butter, half a smashed banana (the other half from last nights cereal dessert), flax and a few splashes of unsweetened vanilla hemp milk.


Breakfast typically holds me over a lot longer on the days I don’t work out. Say it with me now: obvious! But I’ve come to learn that’s not always the case. I no longer ignore my hunger or think “I’m not supposed to feel hungry yet!” After reading Intuitive Eating this winter, I’ve learned to honor my hunger and eat when I’m hungry, whether it “makes sense” to me or not.

Last year when I losing weight I definitely did not always honor my hunger, I ate according to the clock. That was no problem when I was in weight loss mode, it was working and watching the scale go down was enough motivation to power through another hour until my next meal or snack. The trouble came when I got to maintenance mode. Ignoring my hunger and eating on a schedule would often lead to over eating, especially at night, unable to hear my fullness cues because I was ravenous.

No one ever tells you that losing weight is only the first part of the journey. Maintaining your healthy weight while also being happy and feeling satisfied is a completely different animal.

So here’s to always honoring your hunger and eating when you are truly, physically hungry… whether you think it’s “time” to eat or not.


6 Responses

  1. I was watching a show the other day and they mentioned that maintaining your weight can actually be harder than the period of time when you are losing.

    I hope the girls feel better soon. Keep doing what you’re doing so you don’t get sick. I’m glad it’s working. šŸ™‚

  2. All hail the breakfast cookie! Soooo good!

    Love the lil’ punkin sleeping on the floor šŸ™‚

    I totally feel you on the intuitive eating…I am trying to get better about that which is why I’m eating smaller meals that are less regimented and trying to let my body tell me when I want more. It’s not easy, but we will get there girl!

  3. I think maintenance is way harder than losing my weight was. Especially with my training, I am always hungry, so for me it is balancing out healthy small meals and eating when I am hungry so that I don’t get too hungry.

  4. You make a GREAT point!! I lost my 30+ pounds of baby weight recently and now I’m in maintenance mode. It’s weird and I’m sometimes not sure if I should eat because I’m hungry… eat because I’m bored or eat because my body is craving something. It’s frustrating. I’ve read about the IE book on other sites lately…. I’ll have to check it out!

  5. AMEN to intuitively eating!! Isn’t that such a great book, by the way??

    I find myself sometimes mentally saying, “you didn’t work out hard and ate a big breakfast…you’re fine.” Then I snap myself back into realizing that every day is different, and some days I’m just hungrier then others…with no explanations why!

    Eating when we’re physically hungry is so important…thanks for the reminder! šŸ˜€

  6. Eating when I’m hungry is NOT the problem šŸ™‚ Eating the right foods when I’m hungry is what I’m learning… a little at a time.

    Love your pics and so glad you are keeping the bugs away. Hope your little ones feel better quickly.

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