Who Are You Talking To?

Sooo… yeah.


Barbie stamps rule.


As do freshly baked Rosemary rolls.


And avocado tomato open faced sandwiches. They rule too.


But aren’t you forgetting something? That can’t be all you’re gonna eat. What about some protein? And something sweet. Maybe crunchy too?


OK I guess that will work.

So what about dinner? Why don’t you do something with the rest of those lentils you made yesterday?

peppers_onions_624 lentil_tacos

Oh yeah, lentil tacos! Good thinking. How do you make those? Just some cumin, chili powder, roasted red pepper and paprika? You don’t say…

OK then, tortillas? Or rice?


Brown rice! That Holly, she’s full of good ideas!

So what about the YoBaby giveway? How are you going to remind everyone that today is their last chance to leave a comment to win some YoStash?

no_pudge vanilla

Brownies made with only yogurt?? No kidding? That’ll get some attention.


That looks really good but how can you call those “No Pudge” brownies if you smear almond butter on them?

This is one weird post. I’ll never understand you girl.


10 Responses

  1. I saw those brownies in the store. How did they taste?

    Hope the girls are feeling better.

    • The brownies are awesome actually. And the ingredients in the mix are all things I can understand. If you make it with low fat yogurt (as opposed to whole milk YoBaby) it’s just as good and with less calories too.

  2. OH GOD I LOVE THOSE BROWNIES. i will be making them soon!!!

  3. Oh, the rosemary rolls and the avocado tomato open faced sandwiches look SOOOOOOO good. I can just imagine how they tasted!!!

  4. The weird part is, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.

  5. My girls would love those stamps.

    And those rosemary rolls look yummy. Do you have a recipe?

    I made my first Breakfast cookie last night inspired by you. I can’t wait to try it!

    • I actually didn’t make those, I bought two of them from the bakery at Wegmans. They are organic and SO good.

      I hope your breakfast cookie doesn’t disappoint this morning! πŸ˜€

  6. You and your almond butter…Have to put it on everything. That brownie does look really really good! I’m sure it was too. Off to eat my breastfast cookie!

  7. you give me far too much credit πŸ™‚ your dinner looks fab. and i LOVE all the sleeping kid pics.


  8. Just look at that sleeping angel!!! Awe!!! Also, I took a virtual bite of that almond butter brownie. YUM!

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