White Gloves and Basset Hounds

This one’s for you MJ.


You don’t know the lengths I had to go to for this pic.

First, I had to dig out the white glove from the bin of winter stuff.

Then I had to set the timer on my camera.

THEN I had to hold the camera between my chin and my chest.

That’s how much of a Michael Jackson fan I am. Rest in peace dude.

Now how do I segue into the YoBaby giveaway winner? I guess I’ll just jump right in.

Andrea from Andrea’s Wellness Notes!

YoAndrea, send me an email at mamasweeds@gmail.com and we’ll get you hooked up!

Speaking of YoBaby (this segue is a little smoother) I used a little container of the YoBaby Banana to make my chocolate overnight oats last night.


Yes, there are oats under that pile of bananas, granola and almond butter.

Holy creamyness batman! Except after I’d mixed it all together I realized like a fool that I usually don’t make overnight oats with a half cup of yogurt! (The amount in each of those little containers.) I usually use a quarter cup!

OK shut up, who the hell cares about an extra 1/4 cup of yogurt but no wonder they were so good the last two overnight oats mornings. Whole milk and extra yogurt. Overnight delight.

But before my creamy dreamy breakfast came my far from dreamy run. 4.2 miles in 34 minutes. Two minutes slower than usual. Two extra minutes, big whoop. But I was dragging. My legs felt like lead. With yesterday being a rest day it was actually the last thing I expected.

My conclusion? I didn’t eat any green vegetables yesterday! Minus the whole avocado split between lunch and dinner (that totally doesn’t count as a green vegetable in my mind) and a few green peppers slices while I was dicing up veggies for lentil tacos…. no leafy greens yesterday.

No green monsters, no salads as big as my head, no lettuce on my sandwich. Nada.

After I read The Skinny this spring I made a serious effort to make sure I had greens everyday and I really noticed a difference in my energy levels, especially on my runs.

Could it all be in my head? Maybe. But it didn’t even occur to me until I more than half way through my run cursing every step. Will I eat a head of lettuce today? Most definitely.

I sold our bike trailer last night on Craigslist. I’ve got to go get that ready to be picked up shortly. Ava’s too big for it and Maxine is not a really fan of riding in it, so out it goes.


For the record, if you ever see a woman riding her bike with a 45 lb basset hound in her bike trailer, there’s a good chance she bought that trailer from me.


7 Responses

  1. I’m shocked about Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to him. 😦

    Maybe you are also fighting off whatever Max and Ava have. That could contribute to being a little sluggish.

    We are going to sell our bike trailer, too. 🙂 Too funny about the lady using it for her bassett hound. (haha) You would never have guessed that, I bet.

  2. thank you for the glove 🙂

    yeah for creamy morning oats, and going the extra mile of MJ. i am seriously so sad. i am playing “man in the mirror” all day – it’s my fave MJ song.

  3. LOVE the white glove shot!!!! That was awesome. Also, I totally agree about the “not eating something green” discussion. Am I sensing a “1 green thing every day challenge” on the horizon?? Anyway, in memory of MJ I’ll leave you with this line so it stays stuck in your head:
    “The way you make me feel….” (my fav MJ song)


  4. I won??? I won!!! Oh, I’m so excited! Thank you! I’ll email you right now… 🙂

  5. I can really notice when I miss an important part of my diet the next day. I do agree with Jennifer though, you have been in a house of sickies this week, you need to take care of yourself!

    My breakfast cookie was delicious this morning! I never thought I would find something that would replace my warm oatmeal, but I think I have my summer breakfast! Thanks for eating them so often!

  6. Hahahaha, nice touch with the MJ blog pic. Love it!

    I’m really terrible at eating greens. I know I should start making those green monster smoothies.

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