Are You Kidding Me?

My camera has seen better days.


This is what my apple with cinnamon looks like when I don’t have my contacts in.

I passed on a morning work out to “run” to the grocery store for fresh produce.

Mama needs fruit!

Mmmm blurry cantaloupe.


And fuzzy coffee with a notebook as I made notes on the new digital camera I’m going to go buy this morning with my stash of cash I’ve been saving to buy a Garmin.


Oh well, who needs a Garmin anyway?


9 Responses

  1. Damn cameras…always breaking. I swear I am on my 4th camera…

  2. Ouch…. talk about headache!! Yeah, you need to tread yourself to a new camera…. for the sake of the BLOG!!!

  3. New things are always nice, even if it isn’t what we were planning.

  4. That sucks your camera is acting up! I’ve had my Canon since 2005. It couldn’t take a picture to save its life last week. I’m hoping it’ll pass otherwise it’s a new camera for me, too!

  5. Ugh…hope you can find a nice camera! I’m afraid mine might be on its last leg too. It’s been acting strange lately, so I’m keeping my eye out for different types of cameras just in case this one goes on me. 😀

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