It’s a Wrap

I sat down to lunch this afternoon after I finished up the last 25% of our lawn that I didn’t get to yesterday.

More marinated portobellos on a bed of greens tossed in my Ginger Miso dressing.


After lunch I set out on a bike ride to run some errands and get in a little unofficial exercise too. Want to go with me? Let’s roll.


First up, the post office about 1 mile away, to mail a package and a letter.


Next, the library, about 4 miles from the Post Office,


to return a book that Ava picked out a few weeks ago. Really? Are you sure you want a book from the 70’s on roses? NO! I demand you take out a book about Dora.


I picked up a couple I had on reserve and one from the new shelf too.


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (thanks for this idea Lynn!), The Raw 50 by Carol Alt and The NDD Book (Nutrition Deficit Disorder) by Dr. William Sears, one of my fav attachment parenting authors. I snagged this one off the new shelf after a quick flip through.  It’s all about how the foods that kids eat affect their behavior, and is full of ideas on how to get kids to eat the healthy foods you offer them.

After the library, another 1.5 miles to the grocery store.


My list.


My loot in my backpack, ready to rock and roll.


3.5 miles to home. This was definitely the hardest leg of my journey, with the groceries on my back.

Round trip, 10 miles exactly! 44 minutes of riding.

ten_miles 44min

Total time spent riding and running errands, an hour and 15 minutes.


Errands run, exercise done. No gasoline was burned and I was forced to stick to my list due to my limited amount of “trunk” space. I should probably always shop this way.

I had something totally new in mind for us for dinner tonight. I prepped a bunch of veggies to stuff into lettuce wraps!


My mom had mentioned a while ago that she’s been enjoying Boston Bibb lettuce lately. Since the leaves are so broad I thought it would make for a good wrap.


I also made a teriyaki sauce from The Raw Food Detox Diet made with soy sauce, maple syrup, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and sesame oil to drizzle inside on the veggies before they were wrapped up.

I won’t lie that these were a total mess to eat, but I got better at making and eating them when I figured out to forget about “wrapping” the veggies with lettuce and make lettuce tacos instead.

I was bummed that Zak had to work late and miss this dinner because I thought this was a totally fun and different meal. Basically just salad in disguise, but the teriyaki sauce definitely made this dinner!

And of course my day is not complete without some Green and Black 70% Dark Chocolate with raw almond butter to round out my meal.


I think I used up all my energy today and had none left for jokes tonight. Crap.


5 Responses

  1. You’re welcome, m’dear! Though you get extra points b/c you’re actually gonna read it….

  2. Whoa, lettuce wraps look AWESOME! Awesome ride, as well. Tell me how that Carol Alt book is! I got one of her books from the library a few years ago before I knew much about raw food and it was so terrifying to me, but obviously my perspective has changed. I think I owe my library $5 but I should suck it up and pay it so I don’t spend $100 on uncookbooks this week.

  3. Great job on running your errands, getting some exercise and being kind to the environment!

    The lettuce wraps look and sound great – what an awesome way to eat a salad! And I think it’s about time for my chocolate and almond butter right now… 😉

  4. Way to go on the biking! Being in the Seattle area has forced me to bike to the places where I want to run errands. Totally helps save gas and get a little exercise in. And I want to try those lettuce wraps. They look good!

  5. One of the perks of living in/close to the city. You can “run” your errands.

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