Let’s Get Physical

I am done teaching my kids how to do stuff for themselves.


I decided to forgo my morning out and ate my weight in watermelon instead.


Who needs to run when there are toys to pick up? Cherrios to be vacummed? Clothes to be folded? Dishes to be put away? More fruit to eat?

strawberries berries

The girls are off with Saint Ellen today while I chip away at a self imposed to do list with approximately 167.25 items on it.

I love eating three part breakfasts. How come no one told me about this sooner?

I decided today Oat Groat Pudding is not the right name for this concoction. Oat Groat Cookie Batter is more accurate.


Yes, I ate two of my three breakfasts this morning at my computer. Don’t judge me.


I’d call today a rest day but a few of the items on my agenda made me want to sing a certain Olivia Newton John song. But then I googled the lyrics and and watched the video on YouTube and realized maybe that’s not exactly the song I want to use to paint a picture of what I’ll be doing in place of exercise today.

Finishing the lawn and riding my bike to run some errands, nothing at all to do with the contents of an early 80’s racy confusing workout music videos.

Did you know when I was a kid I thought “Olivia Newton John” was a three person band with it’s members named Olivia, Newt and John? Yeah, that probably explains why I didn’t know what that song was really about or what the video contained.


6 Responses

  1. Have fun being physical today… 😉

  2. Olivia Newt and John. Holy crap.

    Re: figs – I just eat ’em straight up. I hold them by the stem and chomp. I like them really ripe, though – they get very soft and don’t look so appetizing…

  3. No shame in 3 breakfasts. Best meal of the day.

    Adorable picture!!

  4. Three part breakfast? Awesome! That’s hilarious that you didn’t know that Olivia Newton John was one person. And yay for rest days. I have mine tomorrow. We’ll see how that works out 🙂

  5. Wow, look how the clothes and equipment have changed since that video?

  6. There can be no question why I adore my g’daughters when you look at that pic of Maxine!

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