The Laws of Physics

Today I am thankful for the Laws of Physics.

Centrifugal Force for making my green juice.


And cleaning my lettuce.

salad_spinner washed_greens

I am also thankful for the Gravitational Pull on the Earth.

It allowed me to do 40 minutes of yoga.

3 sets of push ups: 20, 10, 20.

Plank for 2 minutes. I spent the last 15 seconds cursing the Law of Gravity. And the Law of Shaking Arms too.

Centrifugal Force was applied again to make juice for Zak.


I’m also thankful for the Law of Attraction that will keep him from abandoning me and our two small children when I present him with BEET JUICE.

The Law of Green Juice is a pretty amazing law in and of itself. It’s been nearly 3 HOURS since my glass and I’m just starting to feel hungry. Well slap my ass and call me Einstein.

And now we are feeling the Gravitational Pull of the zoo… can’t. resist. must. see. elephants.


9 Responses

  1. You are so funny… 🙂

    Have fun at the zoo!

  2. to see the elephants, elephants, elephants, jump over the fence, fence, fence….

  3. Haha. Your girls are adorable!! I took my little one to the zoo last week. I love how excited they get there. I am lucky to hold a plank for a min. Great job!!


  4. You’re hilarious! Haha. You didn’t tell him it was beet juice did you?! I would have just given it to my boyfriend and told him it was delicious. Times like that I’m glad for the laws of attraction.

    • Yes, he did know it was beet juice but he’s a trooper. He ended up drinking a few sips, asked me scrape off some of the foam and cut it with some ice, drank about half total I’d say. I did think about offering it to the girls though and proclaiming “Purple Juice!! Don’t you want to drink PURPLE juice??!” No dice.

  5. thats a really cool way to look at gravity! haha
    your beet juice sounds great 🙂

  6. Ha! Great blog…LOL!

    So how’s your new juicer coming along? You like?

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