A Real Job

I’ve sat at my desk today all today like the old days when I had a “real job”.

I broke for lunch and ate at my desk. When we’re child free here, not a single second can be wasted.

A giant salad made up of just about every vegetable in my fridge. Red leaf, green leaf, boston bibb, carrots, raw corn cut off the cob (have you tried this yet?? SO sweet and juicy – GET ON IT!), tomato, green pepper tossed in homemade Italian. And some Green and Black dark chocolate that I took a bite out of before I snapped the pic.

lunch_salad lunch_choc

At some point I took a snack break and peered a little something on the front porch. A mystery box behind the veil of a gala apple! Titillating!


I was contacted me a short while ago about trying some of the products by Newman’s Own Organics and oh boy did Sally hook us up!


I didn’t realize their product line is so extensive, I’m really excited to try some of these products out.

About an hour later my apple veil wore off, I was ready to break into some of that organic, sulfite free dried fruit!

I was a little nervous about mixing organic dried fruit and run of the mill walnuts… was there going to be an explosion? What happens if you put organic and conventional foods together!? Biting my nails here.

snack_no_2 gross_hand

Apparently it makes your hand look weirdly giant and wrinkly.

You probably didn’t even notice until I pointed it out. Well, if you didn’t notice, don’t go back and look now.

I said DON’T!!

There were a couple of very happy little girls who came home to check out our new cookie stash.


Ava choose to try some Fig Newmans. (A what a clever name!)


She ate her Fig Newman and played with her new toy.


Max opted for some pretzels.


When it comes to buying snacks and treats for the kids, I definitely prefer organic items and cookies without high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. Newman’s Own Organics definitely fits the bill and is a company I’m happy to support.

I didn’t even know until recently that Newman’s Own Organics a separate company from Newman’s Own. Nell Newman, Paul’s Newman’s daughter, started Newman’s Own Organics as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993 and eventually became it’s own company in 2001.

Love that Baby Girl Newman was an organic rock star! Way to teach the old man a thing or two! (OK I have no idea if that’s what really happened, that’s just how the story plays out in my mind. I like it.)

Dinner tonight was simple. Two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread with some smashed avocado topped with salsa.


Yup, that’s it. I think all my mini meals caught up with me by dinner time.

But then about 5 seconds later I remembered I had some new chocolate to try out! Yes, more chocolate. It is my duty to report the facts here people.

newmans_own dark_choc

Uh oh G&B, there’s a new organic chocolate kid on the block!

I MAY have smeared some almond butter on one of that them there squares… you know, just to REALLY test it out. It MAY have been so incredibly awesome that it made me drop to my knees and thank the stars above for the miracle that is organic chocolate.

I’ll never tell.


7 Responses

  1. how awesome – i’m so jealous of all your newmans goodies!!! have a wonderful night m’dear.

  2. How fun to get so many products to try! 🙂 Enjoy!

    I LOVE raw corn cut off the cob! It adds sooo much to a salad and makes it interesting.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, how great……all those yummies…just like Christmas 😀

    I give my Parrot Einstein raw corn on the cob all the time but never thought about eating it like that myself…hmm, have to give it a try 😀

  4. Yay new products! Love that Newman’s Own chocolate – I can only find it at WF so I don’t buy it a lot.

    I’m so glad you tried (and are now hooked!) on raw corn on the cob. Soo delicious.

    • oh yes, I. am. hooked. I read about it in the RFDD and thought it sounded a little *weird*, so I’m so glad I saw you do it because gave me the courage to try it.

      If Heather does it then it must not be that bad! 😉

  5. I was thinking yesterday that I should pull out a corn cob and put it on my salad, you have been tempting me.

    Almond butter on chocolate, yum! Your posts always make me hungry.

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