The Dangers of Compost

I wanted to make Green Lemonade yesterday after my long run but I couldn’t find a small piece to the juicer. It’s small but it’s also a very crucial part: the nut that holds the blade in place. I figured it would turn up and had probably just rolled under the toaster oven or was inadvertently put away in the wrong place.

Last night I was feeling frustrated after the kitchen was cleaned up I still hadn’t found it. This morning I went on an all out search for it. I looked everywhere. I moved the toaster oven, the knife block, the cutting boards, the microwave, the dish rack. Nothing. Looking under the stove with a flashlight. Under the refrigerator. In drawers, on the counter, in the cupboards, the window sill. It was no where to be found.

I wondered if maybe one of the kids had run off with it and maybe it was with the toys. Maxine has a propensity to run off with small objects in a purse or box. I looked through the toy bins and still no luck.

I wondered if maybe it had gotten thrown out. And then it occurred to me: the compost.


Ughhhhh noooooooo!

More than once Zak has come in after turning the compost to return random kitchen objects that had been unintentionally scooped up and tossed in to the compost bin. Forks, spoons, small dishes.

I really did not want to dig through that compost pile, but I figured I could at least go out and look to see if I could spot it laying on top, given I last used it on Friday morning. I put on my shoes and headed out.

I scanned the pile and didn’t see it. I began imagining myself scouring the web trying to find the replacement part and what it might cost. Just as I was ready to turn around and head back in, I spotted it! Upside down and way in the back by yesterdays young coconut shell, but it was unmistakable. I leaned over and held my breath so I didn’t inhale any fruit flies and retrieved my precious. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t buried and completely obscured.

Washed and found!


So happy together.


Now get back to work! In today’s green lemonade mix was romaine, a cucumber, a gala apple, a lemon and ginger.


Green juice and the compost.


Today is a rest day. I think I might head out now to look through the compost for a running sock that’s been MIA for about a week now.


6 Responses

  1. I’m glad you found the part! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh wow, how great you found that missing part! Luck was on your side today 😀

    Green lemonade looks mighty refreshing…yum!

    I think I just might have to try my hand at getting a garden started. Going to start on a compost first. Do you think that two very large garbage cans would work or does it need to get more air circulation? I am a total Boob when it comes to this…never had a garden in my life…but my hearts really in it 🙂

    Maybe I better get a couple books on how to get started….:D

    • It does need to be stirred, so it might be hard with large garbage cans that aren’t on an axel (thinking of those rotating compost buckets). The compost is really Zak’s brain child, he did all the research and set up. I just add food scraps and find missing kitchen utensils in there. I know he tells anyone who asks that the Rodale books and sites were really helpful.

      Ours is set up in the back yard (as you can sort of see in the pic) with some flats and chicken wire. We add food scraps. (No meat, and we try to avoid any dairy products.)

      Definitely grow for a garden, even just a small one. You can do it without a compost of course, it just makes for some really fabulous soil! 🙂

  3. That is totally something that would have happened to me. Thanks goodness you found it without having to get dirty!

  4. eek! i can think of another danger of composting – i used to have a compost bin in my kitchen and then it somehow SEALED SHUT. i guess the gas from the rotting produce created a suctioned vacuum seal. so much for saving the earth, i had to throw the whole thing out.

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