Last night’s post was canceled due to a meeting, eating only left overs and the absence of any picture taking yesterday.

I was totally bummed last night to read that one of my favorite healthy mama bloggers was forced to hang up her blogging hat.

I SWEAR TO YOU right after reading Sarah’s last post I thought: that would be like hearing Jillian isn’t going to do her radio show anymore.

This morning as I was getting ready for my run, I went to download Jillian’s podcast from her Sunday show, only to read this:



You have GOT to be kidding me. NO MORE JILLIAN on my runs? I haven’t listened to ANYTHING other than her podcasts on my runs for the past 4 months. Her radio show is that good.

Totally bummed (and a little shocked at my prophecy from last night – even though that was posted yesterday I really had no idea until this morning), I needed an old fashioned endorphin rush.

Some heart pumping, sweat inducing action with lots of pushing and grunting and maybe a little moaning and cursing too.

Time for some speed work.

I left the iPod at home – half in protest, half in a moment of silence for Jillian and half (yes three halves) because I couldn’t find it – I warmed up and after the first mile I started picking up my pace and sprinting for stretches and then falling back into my normal pace until I felt like I’d recovered and then sprinting again. I finished up 4.18 in 31:29, an average pace of 7:31. I’ll take it.

And it totally worked. My spirits were lifted and I hopped on my bike for a quick 3.5 mile/15 minute cool down ride. I wanted to get a little more than 30 minutes in today since I only got 30 minutes in yesterday.

With no time to prep an oatmeal concoction last night, I went with fruit this morning.

The rest of my strawbs and the rest of my bluebs too.

strawbs bluebs

And some green juice.


Green Lemonade fit for a one armed princess.


Bad news come in three’s right? Like celebrity deaths as of late. I’m waiting around for the third shoe to drop. Hopefully it’s just something mundane like not being able to finish my post because I lose my internet conn


10 Responses

  1. Boy, you aren’t kidding… I am still in Sarah mourning too! BLAH

    taking that run was a great coping idea! I don’t get mine till lunch and I too will be sprinting my disappointment away. It worked yesterday when I needed a pick me up!

    just a question? Do you add lemon to your green lemonade? I had to stop..couldn’t handle the PUCKER POWER.

    just wondering.
    Happy Wednesday

    • Yes, I do add a whole lemon to my green lemonade, I love it! I add it with apple and ginger too, so it’s % wise it’s not very much. It really does taste like lemonade to me! πŸ˜€

  2. I knew something was up when I refreshed my podcasts the other day…every Sunday show on KFI downloaded, except Jillian. I thought maybe she was taking a week off. I am so bummed!!! I wonder if the producers from TBL made her do it because of her smack talk?

    • I thought about that too. If you google around there is some talk about it on various message boards. It looks like she probably just on hiatus, but she is no longer with KFI. So maybe she’ll come back on a different channel or just podcast without an actual broadcast. I’ve learned SO much from her radio show though, it’s seriously changed my life.

  3. Hey there!

    Yea, I enjoyed Sarah’s blog too, it was great. Sorry to see she was ran off by no-gooders 😦

    Wait! Did I read this right? 3.5 mile…15 minute cool down ride? You are a MACHINE woman! πŸ˜€

  4. Great job on your run today. Even if it was fueled by being upset. I liked her blog as well and will miss her posts.

  5. ugh i just saw that about sarah – i hate when someone ruins it for everyone!

    anyways, more love to you girl – perk up, because you are a running machine!

  6. I am so bummed about Jillian! I have listened to her podcasts every week for a year. I wonder why?

  7. OH NO, i too listen to only Jillian on my runs.

  8. It’s so sad that Sarah had to make the decision to not continue her blog.

    I’m glad your run, the berries & the green lemonade made you feel better! πŸ™‚

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