Multiple Choice

It rained all morning, we played in the rain anyway because ______.

a. we can
b. we felt too dry
c. it was an easy way to wash their coats


We made plans to beat the rainy day blahs and meet up with some friends after _______.

a. hell froze over
b. I made a curried chick pea sandwich on toasted Ezekiel bread with a zucchini and spinach salad on the side for lunch
c. they completed an obstacle course



We ran errands with Sharon and her crew. We chased children around at the mall and stopped at the Cookie Nook to feed the kids ________.

a. sugarless cookies
b. sugarfilled cookies
c. Benadryl


I made Ava give me _______ bite(s) of her cookie.

a. one
b. two
c. one hundred

Sharon had never experienced the joy and wonder that is a Larabar, so I _______.

a. said, “Sucks to be you.”
b. split it with her
c. told her they tasted like dried air and pretended to spit it out into the garbage can while in truth I was really swallowing it


Zak is out of town for the next couple of days and since Sharon’s hubby often works late, they stayed to play and have dinner with us too. I cooked and Sharon counted how many times we heard the word “Mommy”.

For dinner I made us kabocha fries and _____ burgers.

a. meat
b. black bean
c. stopped at a fast food restaurant for


Ava does _____ like cookies.

a. not
b. in fact
c. sort of smell


We passed out Newman O’s to clawing, screeching, excited children for the second time that day. Sharon and I were then forced to ______.

a. surrender the rest of the package to alien invaders
b. try them too
c. take a bite and then a picture and put them back in the package


As soon as the kids are in bed and I’m going to _______.

a. watch a chick flick
b. thank the stars above it’s finally quiet
c. read blogs
d. make some sort of oat concoction for breakfast in the morning
e. all of the above


9 Responses

  1. B! The Larabar was very good. It didn’t look at all like i expected it to. B! The Black Bean burger was very good as well. I am going to definitely be making this at home. The Kabocha were also tasty. B again, I couldn’t wait for the photo shoot, i had to take a bite! Great dinner Ali, you rock!

  2. Love this post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like a fun day!

  3. i think i got them all right! haha…loved this post. your eats look amazing as always – sometimes i feel like when i’m a mom, i’m not going to be as organized and healthy like you!

    happy night to you and friday is tomorrow – yay!

  4. what a fun post! i hope you did all the above!

  5. Your dinner looks sooo good!! I need to try and make homemade bean burgers! I did once before, but they came out really dry and crumbly, and I’m guessing I left out a key ingredient or two…so a redo is definitely going to have to happen! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. hahah love the post! i made homemade black bean burgers with my sister this week! SO GOOD! had them with sweet potatoe fries too haha…. overnight oats were a SUCCESS!!! i just made a post about them and gave you the credit haha

  7. I think this was the FIRST “QUIZ” that was actually FUN!

    Kabocha fries and black bean burgers sounds like a FRIDAY NIGHT DREAM!

    perhaps i’ll go shopping before supper tonight!!!

    nice eats!

  8. Your two hands are holding the cookies in the last post of the pic, so the camera taking the pic is held by ___________.

    a. Mr. Prez Obama
    b. Ali’s mandilble/clavicle
    c. an alien under Ali’s spell

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