Liquid Diet

The schedule is a little thrown off with Zakattack not here to stay with the girls while I run, ride or otherwise escape first thing in the morning. My run for today has been pushed back a couple of hours.

I started the morning out right with a glass of green lemonade, a la Natalia Rose.

I stocked up on ginger the last time I was at the grocery store. Considering I only use an inch or two at a time, I think this ginger tree should last me a while, no?


Today’s wonder of wonders contained the last of my romaine, a couple handfuls of spinach, an entire cucumber, an apple (with a bite out it – thank you Maxine), a lemon and two inches of ginger.

The girls have gone with Aunt Ellen for a fun filled day while I get some work done around here. And run.

Once they were on their way I decided on oats for breakfast, but I never put anything together last night so it wasn’t going to be in overnight form. I wasn’t feeling very stove-like this morning either.

So I settled on an oatmeal smoothie. I was pretty sure I saw Kath do this a while back.


I used an entire banana, a couple chunks of frozen banana, unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, ground flax, raw almond butter and rolled oats. Basically everything I would use to make oatmeal but thrown into the blender instead of a bowl. I measured nothing.

All gone.


Wow, it’s barely 10 and I’ve already used two straws today. And I’ve yet to chew a thing. I guess I gave my teeth the morning off.


5 Responses

  1. do you find grains are a weight / bloat issue?

    I have been sworn off them for a while and it’s making me CUCKOO

    your oatmeal smoothie looks(ed) fab!!!

    that and your green juice of LIFE!
    Happy Friday

    • No, not that I’ve noticed. Other processed grains seem to effect me more, like crackers, cereals, etc. Oats, while not raw, are still relatively unprocessed and I do ok with them.

  2. oatmeal smoothie sounds like a perfect way for my husband to have oatmeal on a hot morning!

  3. Your oatmeal smoothie sounds good. I would have never thought of that… I hope you enjoyed your alone time! 🙂

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