Pupa Don’t Preach

This morning’s run had a purpose: Go pick up the car.

The car was in the shop yesterday and was ready last night, but we didn’t get a chance to pick it up so I decided I’d just run down and get it this morning since it’s only 2+ miles away.

I disregarded the No iPod Left Behind Act and did a warm up loop though my neighborhood and then ran what I would call my 5K pace to the shop.

With my warm up loop it turned out to be exactly 3 miles and got down there in 22:29, making my average pace 7:47. I was hoping it was going to be faster than that but I think my warm up mile brought my average pace down.

Came home to some watermelon, which was also happened to be my pre-run snack.

Watermelon Rules

I finished up with some pushups (20), jump squats (damn you Jillian!), plank (2:30, my new record!), some roll ups (a la Pilates), butt kicks (Jillian style holding 5 lbs weights) and some downward dog to stretch it all out and call it a work out.

Ho ho ho Merry Chrysalis!!

It's a Chrysalis Baby!

I put a totally hippie new age branch in there for him to spindle on to but of course he chose the broken piece of plastic from Ava’s scooter that we mindlessly grabbed to cover the bowl to make his transformation on. We saw him getting ready to hang last night, Ava said he must like princesses. I can dig that.

The Chrysalis phase lasts 10 days. Mark your calendars! Can’t wait for the kiddos to wake up and see what Metamorphosis Claus left for them.


13 Responses

  1. hahahaha “pupa don’t preach,” “merry chrysalis” and “metamorphosis claus” made me all laugh out loud at 8:46am in the morning (when not much is funny before coffee).

    so thank you.

  2. “merry chrysalis”….haha. That is super cool!!! I wish I had something like that for the kids.

    Ok…you give real meaning to the phrase: “I’m going to just run down and pick up my car.” (haha) You really DO run down and pick it up. 🙂

    What a workout you did! 2:30 minutes plank is amazing!!!!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to see what the Metamorphosis Claus brings either! 😉

  4. OMG… I totally feel like a kid. I’m actually really excited about the caterpillar! Am I 8 years old again?!?!?!?
    Anyway, great run this morning! You are WAY fast!!!

  5. Lovin the catapitters!! We did the same thing with our little one and I put the pics up on my blog. There were about 10 that made cocoons in a shoe box she put them in and I think about half survived. It was neat to see though. Have a great weekend 🙂


  6. I showed JJ your caterpillar pics this am and I wish I had my camera handy bc the look on his face was Priceless!!!

    he really is enjoying the journey too!

  7. i cannot believe that you friend wrote the ugly truth and legally blonde- that is SO AMAZING!!!!!!! definiatly go see it though it was great- just dont bring the kiddies along haha

    • She’s not MY friend, a friend of a friend really… but after your rec and knowing someone who knows the writer, I’m definitely going to go see The Ugly Truth!

      • haha great let me know how you like it! when you get around to seeing it that is

  8. Alison, we need to talk about your watermelon addiction. It’s becoming quite clear that you have a problem, and you may need help.

    2:30 plank? Officially my hero. I’m still trying to get past a minute.

  9. this whole chrysalis is so exciting. I’ve read about it in school, of course, but never done it. I love it, especially because my g’daughters (& daughter) are making it happen!

  10. One word…….COOL 😀

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