In Parenthesis

My first fruit snack of the day consisted of two kiwi with the fur on. Fruit fashion faux pas or not, I rolled with it (and quickly too lest anyone throw a bucket of red paint on it in protest).

Sliced Kiwi

Lunch was my (as of late) favorite open faced homemade guac sandwich. As I was cutting up carrot sticks for my side of crunch I remembered something I saw Sarah of LovinMyTummy fame do and broke out a the salsa.

Wednesday Lunch

(My carrots are hoping you’ll give peace a chance.)

Salsa and carrots? Brilliant.

After lunch we debated taking a tour of a local soy processing plant or attending a discussion at the library on a molecular approach to applied biophysics but chose what was behind door #3 and met up with my dad up at the yacht club to hit up the club pool. It was a tough call.


Rockets for the Pool

Even mama got in the pee pool. (At least it was warm – talk about applied biophysics.)

Little Pool

(And I still think the tofu factory would have been cool.)

Water Play

Ava wanted a little time in the “Big Pool”.

Ava Wanted Some Time in the Big Pool

(Max? Not so much.)

My Little Duck

I showed a little (apple) skin pool side for fruit snack #2.

Gimme some skin

Before heading out we watched the sailboats make their way to the lake. (Grandfather’s out there somewhere!)


And Max was careful not to break my back. (Oh so many cracks. Oh how it long it took to make our way along the pool side.)

Don't Break
Mama's Back

We were out longer than we anticipated, it was close to dinner time and a long ride home to boot. Fearing my stomach might begin to eat itself, we opted to eat out.

Trying to find good, healthy (or at the very least “decent”) food at a restaurant where the whole family can find something they want is no small feat. We drove by restaurant after restaurant and finally decided on the carry out section at Wegmans since I had a small grocery list anyway. (Bananas.)

The fam got slices of pizza.

max_pizza Ava Pizza

And I got my all time favorite take out meal, a veggie sub on a white (refined grains surely HFCS filled) seeded roll.


(And it was totally worth it.)


22 Responses

  1. That pool makes me want to go swimming. I’ll have to hit my pool tomorrow! Your posts are so fun!

  2. your kids are BEYOND adorable!! next time i make guacamole (which is about 3x a week haha) im going to do the sandwhich thing you did! i usually just use chips for it but that seems so much cooler

  3. What a GREAT day out and about! Even in the pee pool!!!!

    I hosed my kid down with a…well, a HOSE. coolness on a budget!

    Fur on…all the way!
    I LOVE the duckie towel…we have a MONKEY one! Fitting HUH?

    Happy TIMES

  4. What a fun day! Isn’t it amazing how warm the pee pool gets? 😉

    I love pictures of sailboats… But, as always, your girls are sooo adorable…

    Happy summer! 🙂

  5. My daughter loves the pool too. I shamefully frequent the pee pool as well. However, the one we go to has constant water filtration so it does NOT get warm. In fact, I sometimes make Snuffy take breaks because she is shivering! I am loving Max’s duck towl btw 🙂

  6. What a fabulous day! You seem like such a fun mom 🙂 I REALLY am loving your lunchy! I eat salsa on almost anything these days (I just love it) and it is fantastic with carrots.

    Jicama is great raw and last night was my first time cooking it! They say you can boil it too but I’m not sure I’d like it mushy… It was awesome in “fry” form!

    Have a good Thursday.

  7. This is the perfect summer post…you’re such an awesome mom, that’s all I have to say. 😀

    And I love the carrots with the salsa idea! I’m going to try that… 😀

  8. What, you’ve never had carrots and salsa?? Sometimes when I go out to eat and everyone is munching on chips and salsa, I ask them to bring out some carrots and celery for me, yum!! Man I miss my guac! I went to buy some avos the other day and they were $2.25 each. No thank you!! Are you using Ezek bread? If so which one?


    • NO I’d never had carrots and salsa before, I’m loving your restaurant idea too!

      Yup, that’s Ezekiel bread, I either buy the sesame or seven sprouted grains. (Cinnamon raisin too but not for avocado sandwiches.)

  9. what a fun day! pee pools are still fun 🙂 and I love veggies with salsa – so good. especially fruity salsas

  10. Wow….look at those blue skies!! What a beautiful day you had. Max looks so cute in those pics. 🙂

    Your veggie sub looks delicious! Those are my fav, too. I think I see pepper rings in there. Yum!!!!!

    Is there a reason you leave the skin on the kiwi versus peeling them? Just curious whether it has more nutrition in the peel like an apple.

    • I really only leave the skin on because it’s easier – and because it doesn’t seem much different than eating the skin off an apple. It’s just faster really, and like eating the skin on an apple, it’s where most of the fiber is!

      • Ahhh, gotcha. 🙂 I’ll have to try it next time. They are tedious to peel and you tend to loose a lot of the kiwi inside, too.

  11. Oh how you make me laugh! I am so glad I discovered you!

  12. That sub does look pretty good. If you’re going to do it, at least make it a good roll like that one!

  13. Great summer day with the kids. THey are adorable. I am so trying your guac thing.

  14. I am so jealous of that pool.

  15. I think it’s great that you still eat the *delicious/but maybe not so nutritious* foods as well as all the raw, whole, got-it-all-good foods. And the latter is what is abundant in your diet… once in a while rock the veggie sub!!!!!!

  16. re: the furry kiwi
    Do you wash it like any other fruit or veg?

    • are organic kiwi available?

    • Ummm no, I haven’t. But I will now. And not just because you are my mother. I think because I’m not use to washing kiwi it hadn’t even occurred to me.

      And yes I’ve seen organic kiwi at Wegmans. I think.

  17. how i miss days at the pool!!!! and how HUNGRY you get!

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