Zombie Contest

I think the best thing about days where I only drink green juice and eat fruit until lunch (a la Natalia Rose and The Raw Food Detox Diet) might possibly be banana whip as part of this complete breakfast.

Yay Banana Whip

And watermelon. But you knew that.

For lunch I was figuring out what to have with my salsa and carrots. I whipped up some garlic hummus and did my open faced sandwich thing.

But first let me say that we love, love, love this brand of salsa.

My favorite salsa

No, no one is paying me to say that. No one sent me a sample of this salsa. I just really love it and want to spread the love. (And spread the salsa on my sandwich.) I’ve only seen it at Wegmans, and it’s found in the cooler section with the cheeses and lunch meats.

It’s the only salsa I buy, it always tastes SO fresh and they’ve got a bunch of fun “flavors” too. Artichoke Garlic? Why that’s my middle and maiden name. Mrs. Alison Artichoke Garlic. Oh great, now you’re going to go open a credit card account with my name and charge a bunch jars of almond butter aren’t you?

Hummuna Hummuna

I was also contemplating my recent love of open facedness today and realized that it’s a trail of an explanation. Walk with me now.

I like sprouted grains for nutritional reasons, therefore I buy Ezekiel bread.Β  I only like Ezekiel bread if it’s toasted. Toasted bread is not very forgiving in a sandwich with soft fillings. Hummus is soft. If I put as much hummus as I would like on a sandwich, I’d end up with a big mess on my hands. Open faced solves this problem AND it’s like I get to eat two sandwiches. It’s win-win.

During lunch, I watched the UPS truck back into my driveway. I met him at the door to be hand delivered a new book I get to review!


Thrive, by Brendan Braiser.

After reading The Raw Food Detox Diet in July, I was totally intrigued at the idea of moving toward a raw food diet and proper food combining – and how it could make a difference in my health (making peace with food and food cravings in particular), but I wondered how it might effect running and fitness in general too. Was it “safe”? Would I have enough energy? (Yes and yes. If anything, I’ve found that it’s done nothing but wondrous things for my runs and energy levels.)

I can’t wait to hear what a professional athlete has to say on a plant based diet. Based on the reviews I read at No Meat Athlete and Hangry Pants, I’m pretty sure Brendan’s book is going to be right up my alley.

But I digress.

Out of dark chocolate and totally needing my Vitamin C(hoc) – I was forced to scrounge the bottom of the box sent by Newman’s Own Organic a while ago.


I was not uber excited about these mint cups, thus they have remained uneaten until desperate times. I was expecting them to be all York Peppermint Patt-ery (not my fav) but was pleasantly surprised that they reminded me of those Andes mint chocolates. The mint part is firm, not mushy. I could insert an obvious joke in here about my ass or thighs but I think I’ll pass, thanks.

Notice who’s eyeing my prize?

Who's eyeing my prize?

This is Zak and his best mint zombie.

Mint Zombie

Yeah, that’s good. But I think my date and almond butter zombie was better. But whatever, it’s not like there’s a zombie contest. Yet.

And someone tell him that even though he’s on vacation doesn’t mean his brush is on vacation too.

Speaking of hair, I played playdoh barber shop and cut Ava’s hair today.

Hair Cut

It was looking sort of ratty and don’t even get me started on the hair brushing battles day in and day out.

My reason for cutting her hair was three fold.

1. Short hair is easy to brush.
2. I enjoy the challenge of cutting the hair of something that doesn’t stop moving.
3. I find I’m more patient with her when her hair is neat. Same thing with a clean face. Don’t ask me, I’m just raising these beasts.

And speaking of beasts, I had a beast of a salad for dinner.

Salad dayz

Red leaf, diced apple, tofu, feta, cashews tossed in miso dressing.

+ unphotographed 70% Green and Black that I stocked up on today. Phew. That was a close one.

That’s it from me. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.


27 Responses

  1. Zak looks ready to audition for Tim Burton’s next feature length (film….not hair)…..whatever that may be. Burton’s “Alice in W@nderland” previews look great. I think Zak’s hair missed the casting call.

    Ava’s hair look super….Zak & Max must be next.

  2. Great haircut! Want to come over and cut the toddler’s hair? πŸ˜‰

    I have The Raw Detox Diet but still haven’t started it. You motivate me to start reading… I hope you’ll enjoy Thrive!

  3. P.S.: The pizza turned out great! The toddler ate 3 slices and couldn’t get enough of it… Well, there was also some drama as he woke up from his nap when the pizza was almost done and he wanted to pull it out of the oven and eat it right then and there… Again, thanks for the crust recipe and the motivation! πŸ™‚

  4. A
    I am very very interested in your findings about plant based diets, that whole food combining biz (which I am STARTING to get a handle on) and running or at least an athletic lifestyle.

    Please keep us all posted.

    Please come over to MY house and give ME a hair cut…. I have hair cutter issues and need one HORRIBLY BAD. Ava’s lil doo is DARLING

    no offense to Zak, but YOUR zombie face RULES! hands down.

  5. newman organic chocolate looks so good- i gotta buy some the next time im in the store!

  6. HI! I just found your blog and I think it’s great – what a lovely family you have. The salad you got at the end there looks delicious…miso dressing…yum!

  7. I read Thrive in June. I learned a lot about sports nutrition and fueling with a plant based diet. Did I go back to my vegan roots? No. But, I do eat a plant-based diet and have incorporated more raw foods.

    • I don’t plan to go completely vegan either, but I’ve found that after reading the RFDD I’m just naturally eating less dairy. But I don’t plan to give it up completely either. At least not yet.

  8. That mint candy looks yummy. I can’t wait to see what you think of that book, I think I have a new request for the library. I have to cut my 4 year old’s hair short all the time, so much easier. I swear, they will go for a few days when we don’t leave the house, without letting me brush their hair.

    I am planning on a few open face sandwiches on my road trip. Especially the avocado one, yummy.

  9. I have done exactly the same thing to my little Ava’s hair. She never lets me brush it.

    I end up running round the house wielding a hairbrush to no AVAil! (sorry)

    It also minimizes the amount of food caught up in it at the end of the day.

  10. Ava’s hair looks SO good!!! You did a great job! I think it makes her look older, too.

    Is Zak next? (haha) I laughed at those pics and your comment about his hairbrush being on vacation, too.

  11. I’m so excited!!! My first blogroll addition πŸ™‚ Thanks Alison! I can always say you were my first reader. That is so exciting.

    Ava looks super, super cute!! I used to babysit/nanny in high school and college for a number of different families (and various levels of brattyness) Your kids look like the type that would send a babysitter home happy that they aren’t terrorists and amused from the things they said/did.

  12. What a cute haircut, you did a good job!

  13. I too made Banana whip, but last night for a snack. Love Ava’s hair, you did good

  14. I froze some bananas last week and forgot about them! I’ll have to make that tonight. πŸ™‚

    The salsa does look amazing … and the carrots remind me, I bought a bag and have been eating them because like you said, it takes up to 20 times before you like something.

    I’ll let you know after time No. 20!

    Oh and .. “2. I enjoy the challenge of cutting the hair of something that doesn’t stop moving.”

    Hahahahahahaha! Good job! πŸ™‚

  15. The haircut is *adorable*…love it!! And I agree, short hair is so much more manageable. Makes me want to go get my own hair cut again soon. πŸ˜€

    Your banana whip looks amazing!! I made it once, but my blender is super old and didn’t make it look anything *near* as thick and creamy as that! Major yumminess!!!

  16. Ava is adorable and Zak’s hair is ridiculous!! My boyfriend’s hair looks like that but it’s curly so it’s even more ridiculous! ha

  17. Haha, sometimes the brush goes missing at our casa too. Luvs the Wacky Zak hair!

  18. OMG!!! I love that salsa. The only one I will buy. I actually have that exact same one in my fridge now along with the sweet onion. I love scooping it straight out of the container with some celery. YUMMMM! Noting better than an open faced hummus sammie. I battle my with my little ones hair everyday but cant bring myself to cut it again. I just love long hair, ratty or not πŸ™‚


  19. ava looks ADORABLE!!! have you thought about a dual life as a food blogger by day and hairstylist at night? think about it πŸ™‚

    that salad looks soooo good as does the banana whip and salsa…mmm can’t wait to get moved in, start cooking and buying groceries again!

    p.s. my sister LOVES your blog. she thinks you are hilarious and your food looks good, which says a lot because she prefers fake cheese, salt and meat (ahem, naturally skinny and never had to worry about health) – so kudos to you! that is a HUGE accomplishment πŸ™‚

  20. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about the book! Oh, and I cut my son’s hair. So much easier and cheaper. You’re right….. they NEVER STOP MOVING!!!!!!

  21. That Salsa is THE BEST! I have only ever seen it at Wegman’s as well. I have tried Jack’s Special and Mango Peach. ADDICTING. It was truly hard not to finish the whole container in one sitting. Then again, I am a huge pig. haha. I am on their website now and I see that they offer hummus, guacamole, pita chips, & tortilla chips. All looks great. I wonder why more stores don’t carry it.

  22. i love zak’s hair.

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