Lesson in Latin

I’m pretty sure Rest Day is Latin for Sit at Your Desk All Morning and Eat Watermelon Instead of Working Out cause that’s exactly all I’ve done so far today.


With a 5K tomorrow morning where I’m hoping to Whoop Serious Ass (Latin for –> Beat My Spring 5K PR of 23:21) I am resting my legs today with the plan to let the glycogen stores fill to the very brim and maybe even spill over.

And I’m way excited to introduce you to the newest contender in the Raw Food Rumble.


The Dehydrator.

And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any more hippie.

As Zak stood over my shoulder all week and watched me work my magic in the kitchen (cause that’s exactly what I do you know) he asked if there was anything we can do with the pulp leftover from the vegetable juice. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: I don’t know, I hear you can make crackers with it if you have a food dehydrator

Z: I have a food dehydrator.

Me: get OUT!

Z: It was my dad’s, it’s at Ellen’s house.

Me: Unable to speak, jaw permanently affixed to floor.

So guess who came along with Aunt Ellen this morning?

Food Dehydrator

Dropping off a new kitchen toy and taking the girls for the day? I’m pretty sure Ellen is Latin for Angel.


14 Responses

  1. AWESOME!!!!! I can’t wait to see what wonderful dehydrated creations come from it. I’ve been thinking of getting one. Let us know how your model is and what features you like, dislike etc!!! LUCKEEEEY!

  2. wohoo a dehydrator! i cant wait to see what you whip up with this! and yes Phileo is just like pinkberry (although ive actually never went to pinkberry haha). I am sure in no time you will see some frozen yogurt places popping up. only recently they have started to pop up around my area. i think its the new “rage” haha

  3. I am pretty sure you are RIGHT…can you say JEALOUS!!!!

    my hubs just suggested we got one tooo….. I am thinkin’ EXCALIBER!!!

    gotta save my pennies tho!

    can’t wait to see what you make! I never perfected my pulp crackers…but I DON’T have ELLEN either!

    Happy Friday!!!!

  4. FUN! ! ! A dehydrator sounds so much fun.

  5. I think you are hilarious – love your blog. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on mine!!! I am SO JEALOUS you have a dehydrator…it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time now but haven’t gotten around to purchasing. Love the hippie comment!!! Where are you from? I live in Oregon and it’s kind of hippie central here. Good luck on your 5K tomorrow!!!

  6. I speak Latin. I hate to break it, but your Latin sucks.

    You are a frickin’ hippie circa 1975 with your old school juicer and your archaic dehydrator. I am totally jealous.

  7. Aw Man… How cool is that!!!

    I’m pretty sure I like this Ellen person… I really want to get one of these and the funny thing is just before I saw your blog post, my Hubby called from a thrift store and said he found a Mr. Coffee Dehydrator.

    I told him not to buy it because of the condition it was in vs. the price.

    But I really really really want one before the fall gets here for all our farmers market finds.

    I’m sooo happy for you! Can’t wait to see pics of your creation.

  8. A dehydrator. How awesome is that. I can’t wait to see what you make with it!!

  9. what an awesome idea. a food dehydrator is probably the best invention ever! hahaha

  10. Oh, I can’t wait for all the dehydrator adventures… 😉

  11. Will you soon be posting pics of juicer extracted food pulp crackers?

  12. My friend just bought a food dehydrator. She’s so excited!

    I think sitting around eating watermelon qualifies as exercise.

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