The Classroom

Today the girls went with Ellen, giving Zak and I chance to remember what the other one’s voice sounded like without the usual screeching and interrupting. We talked about going out to eat, a movie, shopping… the world was our child free oyster.

My bucket of watermelon held me over for a while, but without warning I realized how empty my stomach felt and I was going to go from hungry to starving in about .256 seconds if we didn’t get to a restaurant STAT.

To buy myself some time, I made a little banana mullet snack.

Banana Mullet

The 1980’s called. They want their snack back.

We chatted about where we wanted to eat on the car ride and decided to hit a new restaurant in town that I first heard Holly girl rave about… Chipotle!


I’ve driven by this restaurant about half a dozen times and was excited to try it. Some day. Some child-free day. We had no idea until we got there that TODAY was the grand(e) opening!!

Grande Opening

First Time to Chipotle?

Why yes, yes it is.

Pick Your Style


Burrito Bowl

I’ll have the Burrito Bowl please.

Start Filling

OK… I’ll have the rice, vegetarian black beans, sauteed peppers and onions, roasted chili-corn salsa, oooo throw some of that fresh tomato salsa on there too. Some lettuce. Yup, a little cheese. And oh yeah guac. Oooooohhh yeah come to mama that’s the good stuff.

Pay Up

Done and done.

I honestly had NO idea what to expect walking into this place. I didn’t know if was a sit down and order from a menu kind of place or what. I figured it was healthy if it was showing up on The Healthyeverythingtarian and Be Well and Take Care but that was all I knew.

If you’re a Chipotle Virgin like I was, the best way I to describe it would be like a Mexican Subway. Errrr, like a Subway that served Mexican. Maybe that’s more clear?

Check out the reverse side of their menu that made tears spring to my eyes. Wow. A chain restaurant with a conscious. Go figure.

But onto the good stuff + 2 waters with lemon.

My Burrito Bowl

My burrito bowl.

Burrito Bowl

Zak’s gigundo burrito.

Zak's Gigundo Burrito

Yup, thumbs up from me too.

Thumbs Up from me too

We were both blown away at the whole experience. The food was AWESOME. Despite the line that went out the door, the service was fast and friendly. It was affordable, especially considering how great AND healthy the food was. Loved it!

After lunch we went down the street to the health food store in search of the new Larabar flavors, but no dice. On the way out, we got to try a sample of Coconut Bliss non-dairy ice cream.

Coconut Bliss

Zak and I both choose the Cappuccino flavor.

my scoop

Holy coconut it was amazing. I’ve never had coconut ice cream before but this was great! And a perfect little dessert for after lunch too.

After our outting we came home to get to work on an exciting project we discussed on the way there and all throughout lunch as well.

With the girls getting older and Ava “officially” starting to homeschool in the fall (technically we’ve been home schooling since birth, no?) we’ve found that we need to make some changes in the house. We need place to set up projects, have space to work, read, write… a room dedicated to learning and small motor skills.

But where? Our house isn’t tiny but it’s certainly not huge either. We feel like the downstairs is constantly cluttered with books, toys, crayons, paints, magazines, papers, projects. It always feels messy but mainly because we don’t have a dedicated place to work and store things. Items are constantly being shuffled from room to room.

In short we’ve decided to sacrifice our large master bedroom and turn it into The Classroom. We moved our bedroom into what was formerly my office. It’s a much smaller room but we don’t need a lot of room to sleep. We need room to LEARN! We’ve moved the TV from the living room upstairs too. Our hope is that our classroom will be a place for learning and playing but will also help keep the downstairs neater and less chaotic and cluttered too. We’re both really excited about this.

So while it looks like we’ve just moved in, here is our classroom and now office too. A work in progress to say the least.

Our new classroom

Ellen brought the girls home and they jumped and danced around at the changes we’d made.

Before dinner Ava presented me with some new bling.

New Bling

And then took our self portrait.

Self Portrait

The jumping and dancing escalated when I let it slip that there was NO time to cook tonight and it was pizza night! I’m not sure who jumped and danced around more; me or them.

Pizza Night

From the corner pizzeria, the grown-up pizza had mushrooms, hot peppers, onions and pineapple. Just cheese for the kiddie pizza.

Friday Pizza

With salad. But of course.

Aunt Ellen stayed to join us for dinner tonight too.

Family Dinner

Wow. Eating out TWICE in one day? A day alone with my husband? Gave up my bedroom AND my office? No running for two days? Yowza. Crazy stuff man. Crazy stuff.


21 Responses

  1. Love the banana mullet!

    You’re living a pretty wild life there lady!

  2. I love the classroom. Such a great idea, and a nice sacrifice to admit.

    Okay, I thought about this earlier but didn’t comment – but now I am thinking that Zak is totally reminding me of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Robert Pattinson. I love it. Please see here:

    And finally, YAY Chipotle! I have it once a week. There are a very few places in my area I feel safe with what I’m eating. Plus, guac. I love guac.

  3. I was gonna say, you have never had chipotle before?! But then I realized I still haven’t myself, and I live right across it. lol.

  4. What a great day you had with your hubby!!!
    I love Chipotle. It’s one of the few restaurants that I feel makes every one (me incl) happy and it IS reasonable and fast! So glad you tried it! You got exactly what I get (minus the cheese)

    I am glad you found a space suitable for classroom time…even if it WAS your master bedroom…
    I haven’t had MY dinner yet… and your pizza looks YUM!
    HEY…good luck tomorrow on your run! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    love your bling! very sweet!
    It’s FRIDAY…. yeaaaah

  5. What an exciting day!

    I really like Chipotle; in fact, I think it’s time that we go there again…

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. i love me some chipotle. glad you got to try it! and sounds like it was nice to have some alone time with the hubz. really like your blog by the way!

  7. Chipotle is a refreshing change from the average restaurant. I had never been to a Chipotle until I moved to the ‘Nati area. I don’t think the chain extends to Illinois.

  8. OH CHIPOTLE!!! Unbelievably good! Bahaha I enjoyed your little conversation with the menu.

  9. What a fun you’ve had. Nearly all the foods bloggers I read rave about Chipotle. We’ve certainly got nothing like it in Australia. One thing I especially love about the USA is the abundance of Mexican food.
    Love that you’ve swapped rooms around to suit the family.


  10. Chipotle rocks! Everything is very fresh! I use to make big salad bowls there (YUM!) Its the only restaurant we’re really missing in SC! Glad you had fun with the hubster. Beautiful new bling!

  11. I’ve never been to Chipotle either, but it looks incredibly delicious!! I wonder if there are any around me…I need to do some searching. 😀

    What an absolute wonderful day!! Setting up the classroom reminds me of when my parents were doing the same. It was a room in the cellar and I remember being super excited because they let us paint/decorate the walls with paint and pictures. Good times! 😀

  12. They just opened a Chipotle about 20 minutes from where I live, but I’ve yet to try it out. Considering that all the cool kids in the blog world seem to be doing it, I think I have to get my veggie butt over there at some point–looks delicious!

  13. look at you sacrificing your own bedroom for a classroom! im glad you and your husband got some alone time…probably very much needed! to answer your comments on my blog: (1) yes that video is very funny but i more like the actual song than the video- catchy beat. i think im going to add it to my “10 mile race playlist” for my ipod shuffle for tonight’s race (2) my sister has a hybrid bike- rides very nice. but i bet you would like road biking- great workout…you should think abot making the jump from hybrid to road haha you can even start out with a used bike to make sure you like it first. i got a new bike but didnt spend TONS on it like most people do (most ppl tend to spend around 2,000! i spent 800) and yes I do still clip myself in! i have gotten used to clipping in and out and have not fallen over recently haha (cross your fingers ill never fall over again ahha) (3) thanks for the good luck wishes 😉

  14. HEY!!! YAY Chipotle comes to Rochester!! It’s my favorite place for lunch!!

    This is what I always order – try it you will love it!
    Black Beans
    (I put chicken on it)
    peppers and onions
    both salsas you mentioned
    Sour cream
    No need for the dressing they give you


  15. Wow…what a great idea about creating a classroom for their school work!!! I think it’s important that they have a place to learn away from where they normally play, etc. You sound so excited!!!!

    I’ve never eaten at Chipotle but it certainly looks delicious. I think McDonald’s own them, actually. It’s supposed to compete with Taco Bell. I’ll have to try them out. 🙂

  16. Chipotle rocks!

    And OMG! That bracelet is so cute! The colors are so great, and I think Ava has a real eye as a jewelry designer!

    If you liked Coconut Bliss, you’ll really love Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream! It’s even tastier!

  17. Whoa, hold it. Just catching up here. You homeschool? Mama D homeschooled. Yep, a grown up homeschooler here.

  18. ahhhhh obv i am soooooo far behind but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for chipotle. soooo glad you enjoyed – such a yummy healthy alternative to all the other crap. plus, their guac is seriously the best. agreed?

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