New 5K PR

It’s race day!

I got up and made myself a glass of green juice for some pre-race fuel.  I use to eat a bagel or oatmeal before races but now I’m a green believer.

Pre-race fuel

I couldn’t decide if I wanted coffee before the race or not. By the time I decided I did want a cup I didn’t have enough time to make a pot. I stopped on the way and got a small coffee from a coffee shop with a little half and half.

Morning Coffee from Jitters

There was a group of us running the race this morning. Our friend Shawn, my girlfriend Sharon and her sister-in-law Tammy. (Not standing in that order… Shawn would be the dude.)

Tammy, Shawn, Me and Sharon

Shawn and I planned to run it together and hoped to maintain a 7:00/mile pace. We warmed up for about a half mile and made our way to the start.

We went out FAST – Shawn’s Garmin said our pace was 5:45! But there was no way I was maintaining that pace for long and I started to fall behind. I told Shawn to go on ahead because he was able to maintain a faster pace than me. Freaking men and their big long legs.

I settled in around 7:00 or so because I hit the first mile at 7:02. I didn’t notice any other mile markers from there and just tried to keep a steady pace. I figured I had probably slowed down but was hopefully running fast enough to beat my spring 5K time of 23:31.

Rounding the final corner and seeing the 3/4 mile to the finish line I picked up the pace. The clock finally came into the view and I saw the time was 22:50, I kicked it into high gear to get in under 23 minutes and finished in 22:56. YAfreakingHOObutOMGIamsodamntiredthankyoubuddduhaitsover. My average pace turned out to be 7:22.

The fam was waiting for me at the finish and Ava said “Mommy, did that hurt?”

Why do you ask? Do I look like I’m in pain?


Sharon set a new PR for her second 5K ever and finished in 26:something.

Here she comes!

Here Comes Sharon

Shawn (the fast bastard) ended up finishing in 21:07. Jerk. I mean WAY TO GO SHAWN! Tammy finished in 31 minutes.

We hit up the post-race eats.

post race food

Aww yeah now we’re talkin’. I felt kind of bad though because there was only enough for me.

Now We're Talking

And check out Barbie macking my melon!

Barbie Mackin

Max looks a little concerned. She was probably worried I was gonna kick Barbie’s melon munchin’ rear end.

We waited around for the official results, I finished 2nd in my age group (Females 30 – 34) and Sharon took 3rd! Except it looked like she finished 4th because she and her sister-in-law accidentally swapped timing chips. I saw her finish in 26: so I’m willing to testify in court as a witness if necessary.

I let the girls eat my share of bagels and pizza knowing I had a post race meal waiting at home for me to enjoy.

Post Race Breakfast Cookie

No way was Barbie getting anywhere near my breakfast cookie. Not without some hair pulling and cat noises anyway.


15 Responses

  1. wow you are such a fast runner! good job! haha love the barbie/watermelon/max photo. hey my nephew’s name is max too! well, maxwell. mmm gotta love the bfast cookie. what is your favorite mixture for one? i love adding cocoa powder and coconut~macaroon style!

    • If Max was a boy (we didn’t know boy or girl until she was born) she was still going to be Max! Maximillian though.

      Man, it’s a toss up what cookie mixture is my fav. I love the chocolate one – and making one “plain”, i.e., without cocoa powder and a little coconut, that’s a good one too! I usually save that one though for when I have strawberries to put on top.

  2. wow good for you, rock on!!

  3. Congrats!!!!! you did wonderful

  4. You are awesome!

    Oh, BTW, I love it when I see Barbie on your blog once in a while. I wasn’t allowed to have a Barbie growing up, and I always thought I would get my “Barbie fix” when I had a daughter. Well, that didn’t exactly happen… So your blog gives me my occasional Barbie fix! Aren’t you glad? 😉

  5. Congrats on your new time!!! That’s fantastic!!! You wanted to do better and you did. 🙂

    Hey, Shawn only beat you by a little over a minute or so, right? But I guess seconds are like hours in running, huh? (haha)

    I’m so glad you did it and Sharon, too. You both look super fit in the pictures.

  6. Congratulations! I laughed really hard at your comment about the watermelon! And Barbie is amazing!

  7. Girl, I might be a fast blogger, but you totes have me beat on the 5k time! Congrats to you. Damn Barbie, give Mama her melons. She deserves it.

  8. Congrats on the new time! You ROCK. Also, hello super amazing runner’s legs. Jealous.

  9. CONGRATS!!! And dang talk about a food buffet! I’ve never been to a race with that much food before – even my marathon!

  10. In that Barbie pic, Zak looks like Edward Cullen.

  11. CONGRATS ON AN AWESOME PR!!!!!! way to go!!!!! woo woo!!!!

  12. Oh my gosh I’m so far behind on my blog reading! That’s awesome!! I love reading race re-caps, they are so inspiring.

    Way to go on the PR. 😉

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