Dreamy Sunday

Thank you all for your congrats on the 5K yesterday, I’m very happy with how it went, especially considering when I ran that same race in 2007 my time was 27:something. It’s just a reminder to me that sticking with something eventually pays off. Dropping 35 lbs since then certainly didn’t hurt my time either.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run or ride this morning, but when I noticed my legs were a little sore I figured I would ride and save running for Monday.

My pre-ride breakfast.

hardcore kiwi

Hard core, straight off the cutting board, who-needs-a-plate, kiwi.

I love early morning rides on the weekend because there is practically no traffic. I just love how quiet the usual bustling streets can be when the rest of the world is home dreaming. I did pass a few runners this morning, I always love that too.

I rode 15.4 miles in 1 hour and 1 minute. Again.

Before I left for my ride I sliced up some banana and threw it in the freezer to use when I got home. I knew I’d be gone about an hour and that would get my bananas to the perfect level of frozen-ess. Frozen enough to be creamy and dreamy but not so frozen it would give my blender a coronary.


A little soy milk to help the blender do it’s blender thing and couple handfuls of spinach to help my breakfast do the iron, calcium, live enzyme and chlorophyll thing.

Spinach Banana smoothie

Creamy and dreamy? Yep and yep.


6 Responses

  1. green monster! havent had one of those in a little while…usually its the juice you make right? what kind of a juicer do you have? My dad has a really really nice one at home (not sure the brand) and i have no idea why i do not use it more- i need to get on that haha glad you had a nice ride and congrats with the 5k!! awesome awesome. i seriously can only hope im as awesome as you once i get married and have kiddies- i dunno how you do it!

  2. Your bike probably doesn’t suck like mine does. My bike would probably fall apart if I tried to ride 15 miles. And then it would just explode on the ground. I wish I got a better bike.

  3. A bike ride and green monster are truly a perfect sunday!

  4. Green monster’s anyone????

    I lived on them a week ago…. they are so delish!

    glad you rested you legs with a 15 M bike ride!


    I rested my legs by blogging and blowing bubbles!

    cuz I’m a lazy rester! hahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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